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The Capricorns

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Picture the soundtrack to your favorite old skool arcade game, add two midwestern golden throated party girls, Kristen Nordine and Heather Lynn, singing about boys, girls, shows, and clothes, and you've got the Capricorns.  All casio all the time (with occasional tambourine), they've got hooks so sweet you can't help but get addicted.


"The New Sound" kicks off their second album, and damn, the tempo's so fast you can't help but start twitching.  Be careful if you're listening to this while driving.  A polished, pretty, pop side emerges later as tracks slow down and have an almost Dance Hall Crashers feel, but don't let that deter you from the definite gems here. The title track busts out, calling for dancing, dancing, and more dancing instead of just standing around being too cool for school.  "The zone" we're all encouraged to dive into is some type of utopian dance party where things are just plain better.  Count me in.


The Capricorns aren't hesitant to dish out fashion tips either, as they encourage girls at shows to dress "four sizes tighter."  My only question is, wouldn't that interfere with the dancing?  Either way, the Capricorns are a welcome break from all the intense guitar driven "emotional" music out there.  They're having fun and saying "fuck it" to the traditional band set up.


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