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Review: Up The Street Around The Corner

Cory Besskepp Cofer is well known in Southern California as a conscious poet and poetry host. His first collection of short stories take his already formidable skills and raise the bar...
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Dear Reader, I Don't Trust You

This poem came out of my frustrations with my graduate poetry workshop, and feeling like I had to write poems to please everyone in workshop. Screw it. I wasn't interested in writing like them. This poem is a pissed off declaration of that....
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The Night of My Ten-Year Reunion

True story. Well besides from the bottle talking to me. I didn't go to my high school reunion for various reasons - one being that I don't feel I've done anything that remarkable since I've graduated, and didn't want to find out other chumps I've gone to high school with have. The poem stems from that....
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I like to think that I didn't start to fly until I was eight....
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Things I'd Tell my 13-Year-Old Self Had I a Time Machine

Everyone's got regrets. If you could sit down and have a conversation with yourself 15 years ago, what would you say? I thought it'd be fun to play with this idea a bit. I tried to mix enough humor with sentimentality to really make the poem seem honest....
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The Rhyme

An excerpt from Besskepp's new collection of short stories, Up The Street Around The Corner....
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on the eve of this evolution

i want to take a set of charcoals and on the sidewalks of america sketch the shape of every tear that fell down yr face that night i want to teach a string quartet to master the waver in my voice as we said our goodbyes on the eve of this evolution....
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image Ratpack Slim Rob "Ratpack Slim" Sturma has been perpetrating poetry in the Los Angeles area for nearly a decade. He hosted the weekly open mic Green for four years (with DJ Jedi and Joshua Silverstein), and he is a huge fan of words strung together in a pretty fashion.
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