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The Guys You'll Meet on Earth, But Not in Heaven: "The SARAHCUDA"


Sarah Palin is a classic example of a sociopath.

Some human beings merit membership in the non-exclusive club of "Guys You Won't Meet in Heaven" despite the fact that they don't have a Y chromosome. Of course, the "SarahCuda" does have two X chromosomes making her a genetically determined female, however, as geneticists know---that's just talking genotype. We are more interested in phenotype. Meaning, how exactly does this person with two X chromosomes behave while here on the planet? Take a look at her journey and I think you'll agree that if you see her face in your own afterlife---Uh-oh!!

As co-captain and point guard of her high school basketball team that won the state championship, the then Sarah Heath was given the nickname "Sarah Barracuda" because of her highly competitive demeanor on the court. Her team mates accurately detected something! Years later she instead referred to herself as a "Hockey Mom" making it clear that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull was "the lipstick." More recently, in her best selling book, she proclaimed herself to be a "Rogue." The term "rogue" refers to someone who tends to be unprincipled, deceitful and unreliable---someone who we often refer to as a scoundrel, a rascal or in general a solitary, defective specimen!

After high school, she changed colleges 5 times before eventually graduating in 1987. Prior to that she took up the flute, put on a bathing suit and became Miss Wasilla before entering the Miss Alaska Pageant where she finished 3d runner-up and was named Miss Congeniality. In 1988 she eloped with Todd Palin and started a family of 5 kids while becoming a member of the charismatic Pentecostal Church. She became known as an avid hunter of caribou and moose and is often photographed with her gun aimed. Eventually she became mayor of Wasilla, a town of six thousand and then was later elected governor of Alaska in 2006.

The rest of her story is well known. When John McCain picked her to be his Vice Presidential running mate in 2008, she exclaimed----"It is God's plan for McCain to pick me."

Despite her self-proclaimed image as a Hockey Mom she then accepted clothes, make-up and hair-do help amounting to $150,000 from the Republican National Committee!

When she was interviewed by Katie Couric before a national audience she was unable to answer some important and rather simple questions but when she was asked why? she complained-----"I was annoyed by Katie Couric because she didn't ask me the questions I wanted to answer." It was later verified by McCain staff that SarahCuda didn't think she needed to prepare much for the interview.

As time passed, while she came across as glib and at least superficially charming it became evident to many that she had a strong disregard for the facts of life---

• She didn't know that Africa is a continent
• She couldn't name any of the founding fathers
• She pronounced that in the past dinosaurs co-existed with people
• She proposed that Creationism be taught in all schools
• She made up new words like---"Refudiate" and "Misunderestimate"
• She advocated that we stand with our North Korean allies!

As the magnifying glass of fame focused more closely on SarahCuda some things started to look downright pathological.

After the 2008 election she quit her job as governor, blaming "frivolous ethics complaints." She added that she didn't want to be a "lame-duck politician." Other lame-duck politicians would include Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and indeed, most politicians! And so instead of trying to help Alaska she went for the money with a book deal and a reality TV show.

It became clear that she had accepted the VP nomination knowing that her 17 year-old daughter was pregnant which made her daughter a "late night punchline."

Over and over she included violent references in her speeches and rhetoric. She urged Americans to "Reload," she showed Americans where the enemy was by putting cross-hairs on maps (one of those cross hairs was on Gabrielle Gifford's district), she criticized the president by accusing him of setting up "Death Panels" and she responded to a deadly killing in Arizona by accusing others of blaming her for the shooting while using an anti-semitic term– Blood Libel- that further inflamed the national mood.

The father of her grandchild, Levi Johnston stated that SarahCuda neither cooked nor cleaned and pretty much relied on her kids to take care of themselves. He added that her Down Syndrome baby was passed on to her eldest daughter for much of the mothering.

The Texas Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that SarahCuda, while 8 months pregnant with a diagnosed high risk Down Syndrome baby flew to Texas to give a speech. While there, her water broke at 4am and yet she chose to give her speech later that day and then flew back to Alaska (an 8 hour flight) without notifying the airline that she was in any jeopardy. Obstetricians usually recommend that pregnant women go directly to hospital after water breaking to avoid infections.

As all of this started to add up; a psychologist, Bella DePaulo, Ph.D wrote in "Psychology Today" that Sarah Palin "is a very special liar." Dr. DePaulo added that "Palin lies even when the truth is well established and doesn't seem to care about the truth." She also added that Palin responds rather viciously when criticized and on one occasion when asked to describe the people who criticize her, SarahCuda proclaimed, "These are probably some lonely people, some shallow people."

As the shortcomings of the SarahCuda became more evident a host of others chimed in with their perceptions of her.

• Columnist Maureen Down---"She's made ignorance fashionable---She's a ditz"
• Actor Matt Damon---"It's terrifying that Palin could be president"
• Conservative columnist Charles Krauthhammer---"Palin's support of Christine O'Donnell is reckless and irresponsible"
• Former Deputy Chief of President Nixon's Staff, Karl Rove---"Sarah Palin does not have the gravitas to be President"
• Talk show host Joyce Behar---"She's so dumb"
• Comedian Bill Maher---"She's a category 5 moron"
• Radio show host Rush Limbaugh---"She's an unqualified babe"
• Former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich---"She needs to slow down and think before she speaks"

And how has SarahCuda reacted to all of this? As usual she is simultaneously rageful and comical---"My critics are the lamestream media!!!" And then she looks for more targets to criticize. When First Lady Michele Obama started pushing our schools to make sure they serve healthier meals to America's kids, what did SarahCuda do? She proclaimed herself "Mama Grizzly" and pointed out that food for children should only be chosen by parents. Incongruously, Mama Grizzly then visited schools bringing Cookies as presents for the children!

And perhaps most amazingly, when some Canadians jokingly tried to persuade her that the President of France was on the phone---she believed it!

So---exactly what does all of this mean? What does it mean when a person has most or all of the following traits?

• Superficial charm with covert hostility
• Grandiosity with a belief that all is deserved
• Pathological lying---easy, manipulative conning of others
• Little remorse, shame or guilt
• Sees others as targets, not people
• Shallow emotions with a false warmth covering a callous, non empathic emotional core
• Oblivious to the pain inflicted on others, no respect for their rights
• Contemptuous of people who try to figure them out
• Unreliable
• An underlying, core belief that nothing is wrong with me
These are the traits of sociopathy. Sociopaths are, in a nutshell, seductively charming, lacking a conscience and therefore---just a little bit dangerous!

SarahCuda seems to fit this description rather closely. Miss Congeniality on the outside and a barracuda-like pit bull on the inside. We've got plenty of guys and some gals who fit that description here on earth but hopefully no barracudas in heaven!

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