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The Guys You'll Meet on Earth, But Not in Heaven: The Femme Fatale


Keep your distance, here she comes...Casey Anthony.

I've been writing about the guys who won't make it to heaven for a few years. Until now only one woman, the "Sarahcuda" (Sarah Palin) has made entry into this highly, non-selective club. Unfortunately, we now have another woman who meets membership requirements ---- Casey Anthony. According to 64% of Americans, this 25 year-old female will not be on her way to heaven this time around.

I digress:

On the first page of the renowned novel, Love Story by Erich Segal, the main character, Oliver, asks this question about his recently departed wife:             

"What can I say about a 25 year-old girl who died? That she was beautiful and brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Bach. And the Beatles. And me."

Well, what can we say about a 25 year-old girl whose 2 year-old daughter, Caylee died?

That she was attractive and a liar. That she loved to party and tell people she worked at Universal Studios. That her computer had googled "death and chloroform" and that her car trunk "smelled of death." And yes, that she waited 31 days to report that her daughter was missing.

The world had a love story with the 25 year-old "Jennifer" in Erich Segal's novel. But, the world has a hate story with Casey Anthony who, despite being tried for murder and convicted of multiple lies to the police, will soon be set free. 

To further complicate the picture, Casey Anthony's defense attorney had not been allowed to practice law for years by the Florida Supreme Court because he had been found negligent in paying child support and paying his student loans. During his time away from the law, he ran 2 bikini companies----Bon Bon Bikini and BraziianBikini.com. Now, with his help Casey Anthony will soon party again.


With her lies, Casey Anthony led the police down so many dead ends that it took 6 months to find Caylee's remains. By that time, the forensic evidence was insufficient. Casey Anthony not only lied to the police but to her family, her friends and her lovers. The lies were of omission and commission.

Omission---The boyfriend with whom she moved in with after Caylee disappeared testified that he never heard of any problems with Casey's daughter. In fact, he found Casey to be in good spirits without worry or sadness.  The friends with whom Casey partied with at a local club found Casey to be happy and ready to have a good time.

Commission---Casey led the police on a wild goose chase to her "office" at Universal Studios which didn't exist! She told everyone that Caylee was being cared for by a nanny whom she mentioned by name. This woman, not a nanny, is taking Casey to court because she reports never even meeting Casey or Caylee.

Who Does This?

What kind of person can charm everyone and convince everyone of their lies while causing havoc and danger for everyone around her? This type of behavior can be symptomatic of sociopathy or psychopathy---but, we don't know enough about Casey Anthony to venture there.  The French, however, have a term for a woman who combines an attractive exterior with great powers of deception that place men and all people she comes into contact with at risk.

The term is---Femme Fatale, which in English more or less translates into "deadly woman."

Interestingly, in 2011 Britney Spears' latest CD was titled, "Femme Fatale" and starts off with the song "Hold It Against Me." She said the CD was named Femme Fatale because the music was "dangerous and mysterious" and that it would well highlight the news to her fans that "The Bitch is Back."

Now, if we look at Casey Anthony's social and romantic history we see lots of trouble.

1. One of her reported lovers was a rookie cop who ended up losing his job when he was caught lying about Casey Anthony.

2. The boyfriend who allowed Casey to move in with him after Caylee disappeared was told by Casey that her daughter was at DisneyWorld with the nanny when he asked about her whereabouts.

3. While Casey's parents worried about Caylee's well being and asked for answers, Casey competed in a "Hot Body Contest" and was photographed smiling and enjoying the attention.

4. Casey borrowed a shovel from her male neighbor 2 days after Caylee disappeared explaining that she needed to "dig up a bamboo root."

5. It appears that Casey may have told her lawyer that she was molested by her father which her father denied under oath.                        

Femme Fatales are described as irresistibly attractive to men and able to convince men of whatever they choose to convince them of. But, everyone in their path, not just men, eventually pays a price when in contact with a femme fatale. Femme fatales often get caught up in their own lies, believing that they can use their powerful charms to accomplish anything and dispose of anyone. 

Most importantly, femme fatales see others as opportunities and not as real friends, and so the family and acquaintances who seem like friends of the femme fatale eventually become victims of the femme fatale. How the femme fatale actually gets what she wants doesn't really matter because for her----The End Always Justifies the Means!                      

Take a look at this condensed snippet from Casey Anthony's diary that appears to have been written 5 days after Caylee disappeared.

"I have no regrets, just a bit worried. 

I completely trust my own judgment.

I just hope that the end justifies the means.

This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time."

So, what can we say about a 25 year-old girl whose daughter died?

Keep your distance. 

Here she comes.

She's a femme fatale.     

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