Kotori Films



Of Bitches & Hounds




Two unlikely lovers, a man born into slavery and an emotionally-unhinged woman unable to nurture a pet, form the core of this beautiful allegorical nightmare.

Starring: Melissa King and Jake McGee

Original Music by: Mike Lembke

Edited by: James Neyman

Produced by: Bob Freville and Jake McGee

Written & Directed by: Bob Freville





The Prophet of Lake Erie




A vagrant musician starts feeling earthquakes in Cleveland, and comes to believe they're from mining beneath Lake Erie. Even though everyone thinks he's just another nut, Jack sets out to save his city.


Starring "Slowhand" Jack Labgold

Written and Directed by Jake McGee

Shot and Edited by James Neyman

Produced by Jake McGee, James Neyman, John Templeman and Regi






Your Apparition Stays With Me Still




"Your Apparition Stays With Me Still" by Dreamend, from the album "And The Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave"

Video Written and Directed by Jake McGee

Starring Kylene Verdi and Alexandra Russo

Shot and Cut by James Neyman

*Filmed in Fairport Harbor and Lakewood, Ohio

Music Copyright 2012 Graveface Records

Video Copyright 2012 Kotori Films



Facebook Licks my Balls



"Facebook Licks My Balls" 
Music Written & Performed by Chris Hatton

Video Written, Directed, Produced, Shot & Cut by Jake McGee

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