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Jack's Playground Vol. 2

There is nothing sexier or more genuinely beautiful than what is real. Happy spanking!

There is nothing sexier or more genuinely beautiful than what is real. This fact is tested and comes up 100% true with the arrival of Jack's Playground, a new reality series on VHS and DVD from the fine people at Digital Playground.

From the very first frame of the series, the audience is given a subjective perspective on those most satisfying of female pastimes (i.e.: stripping, sucking and grinding). And the cast and crew do such a good job at being themselves that one forgets that they are trying to be salacious and just stares at the screen, mesmerized by the intricate beauty of every square inch of the performers' bodies. Including their smiles and steamy glances.

The first girl we see in Jack's Playground Vol. 2 is Belladonna, which is probably the wisest decision the producers (listed here as Mom & Dad) could have made. After all, it guarantees to attract those fuck flick fans that would normally refuse to watch a "gonzo" production, by virtue of the fact that they will still see a gorgeous familiar face. And the lascivious Latino vixen delivers all the goods in a sequence that manages to even top the subsequent auto-coital blow-up doll routine (don't ask). Her shapely features and slutty facial expressions draw the viewer in, vanquishing any doubts he/she may have had about the film's worth.

The series revolves around a faceless guy named Jack, who also happens to be at the helm of the production (under the influence of Digital Playground heavyweight Robby D.), and takes us on a tour of his sexual exploits, both personal and voyeuristic. From script rehearsals to the apartments of spurned significant others, Jack keeps the camera rolling and never misses a beat...or a b.j.

Newcomers Kellemarie and Nica are dynamite, burning up the screen in small but scintillating roles that demand just as much attention as the star appearances of Alyssa Lovelace and the aforementioned Bella. But lest we forget the real kick this movie has to offer. In a market over-run by "actors" and producers suffering from the money shot mentality and a million lousy releases so formulaic as to be insulting, Jack's Playground emerges as a randy cinematic gem full of wit and sensuality. Not to mention originality.

When the video starts getting sped up during a stagnant scene of dialogue, a voice over comes on to explain that there is nothing wrong with the viewer's DVD player. They (the folks at Digital Playground) just know that we are going to fast-forward to the good shit so we can violently toss off. So they are going to save us the trouble of having to take our hands off our dicks and just move ahead for us. When I heard this, I started laughing asthmatically, trying to keep my own cock hard in the process (not an easy feat). Not just because what the narrator was saying was true, but also out of relief that somebody has a sense of humor about the industry and its consumers.

This and other comical interludes involving the black stunt cock Montel are but a few of the myriad of unique offerings this film contains. They are also what set it apart from the competition. Montel and his predilection for titties harkens back to the days of Kentucky Fried Movie and The Groove Tube, proving that Digital Playground are out to make satisfying motion pictures, not just footage of people nailing each other.

And for those of you who don't know the difference between John Landis and John Holmes, the movie will still please with its lubricious close-ups and creative sexual positions. It's all sexy and it's all good. Jack's Playground 2 is a winner, and if you don't like it, don't bother reaching for the remote because Jack will do it for you. Happy spanking!

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