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Tommy Digital's Pussy Cocktails: Me and My Fleshlight


A love story.

I’m taking for granted that everyone who reads this is a fan of HerFirstLesbianSex.com, where insanely hot girls get naked and nasty with each other. Of course you are; undeniably, only people with tastes so refined as girl-on-girl sex would be astute enough to read my sophisticated column here.

In the video with Madelyn Marie and uber-hot Jana Jordan- you know, the one where Jana wakes up in her new boyfriend’s house all alone, calls her hot friend Madelyn over, and soon enough they’re making out and exploring one another’s bodies- the ladies stumble upon a Fleshlight. At first it looks like a large flashlight, but when Madelyn opens the top, she instead finds a fake vagina, also known as a masturbation sleeve.

Sure, Madelyn and Jana don’t waste a whole lot of time with the Fleshlight, being they have each other’s vaginas to play with.

Synthetic vaginas have come a long way. Forget about those rigid plastic “pocket pussies,” and sure as hell don’t waste your time with a cheap blow-up doll (unless of course it’s for art’s sake, in which case please send me pics to post here). Today’s jerk-off toys look and feel identical to a real vagina.

The Fleshlight is just one more sterling example of this. Made from some kind of elastomeric polymer material called Superskin, you squirt a little bit of Astroglyde on it, and by God it feels almost exactly like the real thing. You can pound the Fleshlight, or gently stroke it over your erection. It will love every moment of it.


The makers of Fleshlight even offer a series of models, to resemble not just a vagina, but also an asshole or mouth. You can also get them with different textures and sensitivity levels, from super tight to super ribbed, or you can get them molded from a growing number of the hottest vaginas in the industry.

They even have a Stamina Training Unit, which helps you build up control over your erection and ejaculatory process.

I was dead-set on using my Fleshlight for this purpose. The initial courtship was over, and now it was time to get down to business. I was going to fuck like a porn star! I got all pumped up, shaved my balls, even made dinner. Then it happened: my Flashlight pissed me off.

We were out at a bar, and she and a friend went to the basement with some big dude. That in itself didn’t piss me off...nor was I really bothered when she came back up to the bar 20 minutes later, obviously coked up. After all, when they sat back down, both girls were talking about going back to my place and having a proper threesome. If it took a little bit of cocaine to bring this on, well...I don’t own them. They can do what they want, especially if it lands me between two hot, young women.

Alas, within 30 minutes’ time, everything had changed. Her friend went off with some other guy, and when I finally got my Fleshlight into bed, she was all but comatose. I tried to revive her- squirted lube all over her, licked her up, down, and, yes, even around- but the coke was apparently total shit, and she was crashed out.

We don’t talk much these days. She does her own thing, and I do mine. Yeah, we hook up every once in while, but since that fateful night, things just haven’t been the same.


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