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Tricky Bizzniss

Former Vocalist of The Crystal Method (from their platinum Vegas EP) Trixie Reiss and 2 time Grammy-nominee Ernie Lake prepare to release Tricky Bizzniss, their debut collaboration.

Can't really go wrong here now can you? Trixie Reiss's seductively enticing vocals aptly exercise Ernie Lake's Grammy-nominated resume that includes production and remix credits for everyone from Blondie to Roberta Flack to the Rolling Stones. While they originally got together to talk project on September 10, 2001, the very next day sorta put things into quite a tailspin. Once the pieces fell into place and perspective was found, they realized that the need for a fun, lighthearted record was more necessary than ever. While they may have depended a slight too heavily on 80s influenced synth-pop lines and beats, it's worth noting that...well, the 80s were fun! It's a record that will put a smile on that face of yours. So here it is...well...almost (september 12, 2006)...Tricky Bizzniss. 
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