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Sabertooth Tiger - Extinction is Inevitable

When we ask for hardcore, we want hardcore, and once again, GSL comes through with Sabertooth Tiger.

Political harcore punk is the sort of shit we can never get tired of, because the intensity of the music matches the intenisty of the situations that the world surrounds us with. While we sit comfortably uneasy in this red white and blue bubble of manufactured and processed bliss, GSL brings us Sabertooth Tiger, whose teeth sink deep into the system, allowing the bubble to bleed its interbreeding stupidity and wake us the fuck up before its inevitably too late. While a driving focus of the band is the ridiculously retarded drumming (featured drummers include Jon Theodore from the Mars Volta, Erin Garcia from Brother Reade, and Dave Ferrara from Original Sins), the hardcore guitarwork and pissed off nature of singers Chris Burnett and Aaron Farley, who tackle everything from patriostism, consumerism, and economics, round out the perfect punk album. This ain't no bullshit...this is the real thing!

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