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Suicide Girls hit on Mike The Poet

Suicide Girls pick up on KOTORI resident poet/writer/mc extraordinaire Mike The Poet.

From SuicideGirls.com: 

Mike the PoeT runs all of his shows as if everyone in the room is family, even if he's never seen them before. This may be because he is an artist born of Los Angeles, a 3rd generation Angelino and a tour-bus driver. There isn't a corner of this city Mike hasn't trekked through. He performs regularly at Blue Nile Cafe and Blue Chips Gallery. You can hear him and his words in bookstores, galleries, museums, nightclubs, even churches across Beverly Hills, Downtown, Echo Park, Long Beach, Hollywood and Santa Monica. There isn't a patch of asphalt in Los Angeles that Mike doesn't love. Up and down the streets you can hear his lyrical verse echo, literally.

After graduating from UCLA in 1997, Mike got his commercial driver’s license and a gig as a tour guide. He led tours up and down the coast, from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon. Over the last decade Mike’s become known for his L.A. City Tours, a composite of poetry and history. His “The Poets Beat Neon Cruise” hosted by the Museum of Neon Art was recently written up in the Washington Post.

In an interview with Kotori Magazine Mike says of tour-guiding:

“It’s made me a better performer. It influences how you talk to people. You learn how to make it comfortable.”

....read the rest of this provocative review (and see some equally provocative pix) at: 


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