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Hierocast Episode V: Opio In The Hot Seat

The latest Hieroglyphics Podcast is out now and this time, it's hosted by Souls of Mischief member Opio. This new chapter debuts some more great Hiero tracks and highlight's Opio's relaxed (read: comical) side.

(Brooklyn, NY- July 27, 2006) Souls of Mischief member and solo artist Opio hosts the latest edition of the Hieroglyphics Podcast. Opio whips up a playlist of some of his favorite Hiero family tracks, including Casual, O.C., and his collaboration with Pigeon John. The real sonic treat of Hierocast V is the debut of the track "Patna Please" by fellow SOM member A Plus. The track will be officially released on A Plus' forthcoming debut solo album, My Last Good Deed.
This episode marks a further evolution of the Hierocast format. For the first time fans were able to submit questions for Opio via the Hieroglyphic's official message boards, Hiero Hoopla (www.hieroglyphics.com/hoopla2). Between songs, Opio answers these burning questions in his signature Oakland accent. The questions range from the serious; "What producers would you like to work with in the future?" to the hilarious; "Who would win in a fight between Tajai and Pep Love?" Of course the Hierocast would be nothing if it weren't for the tunes, in which Opio showcases his own recent work on his solo album Triangulation Station.
Marking another "first" for the Hierocast, Hiero Imperium teamed up with iKEY-Audio (www.ikeyaudio.com), a division of Gemini Sound Products, to offer podcast listeners a chance to win an iKEY Portable USB Recorder. The device allows you to record digital audio directly to virtually any portable MP3 player. Fans can enter the contest by answering a Hierocast trivia question at Hiero Imperium's official site: www.hieroglyphics.com.
Hiero Imperium Records is an artist owned and run label based in Oakland, California. Hiero's artists have sold over 1 million units and the label was one of the first record companies (indie or major) to embrace technology as a new way to connect with fans and disseminate music.
Track listing:
A Plus - "Patna Please" from the forthcoming album My Last Good Deed
Opio featuring Pigeon John - "Granite Earth" from the album Triangulation Station
Casual - "Bitin & Freakin'" from the album Casual Presents: Smash Rockwell
O.C. - "Shorty" from the album Smoke and Mirrors
Opio - "For Those Who Don't Know" from the album Triangulation Station
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