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J.A.H. speaks!

Position is bartered
While we live off of dollars and cents

Position is bartered
While we live off of dollars and cents
It doesn’t make any sense
High education has no common sense
Terrorists the newest phase followed
Webster must be raking in the billion dollars
Living high with the scholars
Yet poliTICianS suck up the marrow
Spreading fear through society
To encage the freed mind
To confine
While they dance and celebrate
Bartering land over seas,
Creating atrocities in the name of thy freedoms-
Yet if freedom was such a concern
The constitutional laws-
Would not be changed to serve their purpose.
Yet they were not written for the darker shade
We was enslaved remember?
Can you believe?
How much more must be seen
Elections are rigged,
They’ve already appointed the top contender
Let us not pretend,
That we can’t see through the disguise
Send smoke signals to the blind,
Oh my goodness,
Take a step away from the curb
There’s a crash course on the horizon,
“something wicked this way comes,”
It’s all been planned since the sun was born
Yet I say life this one life to your norm
Before the worms tear holes through the soul
Oh ma lord… when positions  are bartered millions suffer-
The consequences of greed,
That bleeds the innocence of soul
While lands are pillaged for gold
The blood of land being raped and sold.
What about the suffering child dying to survive?
Think before you drink your next glass of water…peace.


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