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Now You Can Sell Your Own Music On DownloadPunk.com

Create Your Own Account For Your Band Or Label And Sell Your Music Now Through UploadPunk.com- There Is No Cost To Sign Up And Artists/Content Owners Keep 70% Of Their Sales!!

Downloadpunk.com has created a new backend site called UploadPunk.com. With this, a new door is now open for unsigned bands, signed bands, and labels to reach fans and control their own digital content. You can now create an account allowing you to upload songs and albums to sell directly to fans on DownloadPunk.com. In addition, artists/content owners are now able to see current real time sales and referral links, make content changes, and add videos, pictures, tour dates, news and more
Visit UploadPunk.com now to create your account and start selling your music, videos, and graphics now on DownloadPunk.com

DownloadPunk.com is a digital music community where fans, bands and labels can come together to discover, share, and legally download the best new music and digital content. All songs work in your iPod or any other device and have no unfair DRM technology to restrict your enjoyment of your music.
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