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You Ain't Fresh: The Downfall of an Artist (part one)

So I use to be a tour DJ for a female singer signed to Virgin Records. She shall remain nameless since this article is about what NOT to do as an up and coming R&B or Rap artist.

So I use to be a tour DJ for a female singer signed to Virgin Records. She shall remain nameless since this article is about what NOT to do as an up and coming R&B or Rap artist. I use her as an example because some of the things she did was just outright ABSURD! This is only part one one of her outrageous antics which makes for great reading material. It is the story of how fast your career can end in this business if your attitude sucks! This girl basically thought she was the shit!! For three years I toured with her doing shows all over the country with everyone from Jessica Simpson to Ying Yang Twins and everyday was either pure comedy or the painful agony of HELL. So to all you rappers and singers out there, here's what NOT to do because people are watching, they're listening, and what you do or say can lead to your downfall in this business we call music.

Once we were doing a show with at least 25 acts on the bill, Xhibit, Brandi, Ashlee Simpson, Simple Plan, one of those radio station concerts where they just throw a mash up of acts on stage to perform...Rock, Hip Hop, it didn't matter, each with their own time slot. Now, this girl....who still shall remain nameless, loved to talk on stage. However, she talked way TOO DAMN MUCH! Plus, all she talked about was herself, constantly reminding the crowd of how much money she had, how many cars she had, and how big her house was. The weird thing was that sometimes the crowd would respond by applauding the fact that she had all these things and THEY didn't. I always thought that was a bit strange! "Hooray for you, you got more shit than me and I'm only making you richer by buying your music." Well not this time! Let's go, get on with the show!" people shouted from the crowd of about five thousand. This was painfully embarrassing for me because I've got the road manager on the side stage telling me to hurry up, the crowd screaming at me, and her telling me "I ain't finished yet, I'll let ya know when you can start the music!" This girl had one song out at the time that MAYBE climbed as high as 60 on the billboard charts, yet she acted like her song had been #1 on the pop charts for several weeks! Listen, people don't want to hear you talking for twenty minutes between songs about absolutely nothing and they damn sure don't want to hear your corny jokes! People paid good money to go to this event and NOT because of you. There are bigger acts that they came to see. My advice was to her what I would say to anyone out there trying to "make it" in the music business. When you're on stage sure, have fun....but realize where you're at in the game. Rock the house but do it with your music. I've never seen a show where someone has brought the house down through useless chatter. And never have I heard someone talking after a show about how dope an artist was at chit chat. Backstage after our performance I explained to Miss Nameless that we should speed things up a little because people were booing her during her long rants about herself. She turns to me and says, " Those people that were booing were in the back of the crowd and they were just mad because the people in the front row got to touch me as I
stuck out my hand." "That's why they were booing, because they were jealous." I was in complete shock! This girl really just told me this? Get over yourself!

My advice to anyone trying to make it in this game is this. Don't be full of yourself! My grandma always told me something when I was growing up that has stuck with me throughout my life. She use to say, "Remember, no matter how good you are at something, there's always someone out there BETTER!"  It's not that I'm an expert on the music business, I have seen a lot in my years on the road, I've learned a lot, but more importantly I was raised with a little common sense. An artist has to know that If they go onstage talking about themselves and how dope they are then nobody else will talk about them. If your conceited lifestyle continues then this means that the only people talking about you is YOU! This turns people off. How is a fan of your music going to give you a compliment if you agree with every word? " Your music is SO fresh!" and you reply with "I KNOW!" Take life as it comes, work hard, let the compliments come to you. If they don't then work harder and don't give up. Don't try to tell people how important and awesome you are! Let people determine that for themselves.

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