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The Pinker Tones "More Colours!"

Spain's very own Latintronica messiahs, The Pinker Tones, get a remix adjustment bestowed upon their fantabulous "The Million Colour Revolution" album - dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance!

The Pinker Tones
More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited
[Nacional Records]

Latintronica's premiere group hails from Barcelona, Spain, a free spirited locale transcended through The Pinker Tones' feel-good hybrid of pop, funk, soul, bossa, break beat, swing, lounge, and psychedelia. On this collection of remixes for their amazing album The Million Colour Revolution album, the Tones' boyz Mister Furia and Professor Manso receive glorious touch ups and song morphs via such international dance music starlets as Torpedo Boys, Kinky, and label mates M.I.S. who remixed their breakout single "Karma Hunters." Other standouts include a deep dirty mix from Nortec Collective's Panoptica on "In Pea We Nuts", and a bonus acoustic track taped live in-studio at KCRW called "Love Tape." Put down your cool guy hat, and slap on some crusty dancin' shoes, this disc will supply ample amounts of happy feet syndrome.

[Mo T. Suh]

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