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Artist Appreciation Night II At Crash Mansion Nov. 4th, Downtown LA

Artist Appreciation Night At Crash Mansion
First ever Artist Showcase Featuring Artistic Expression In It’s Rawest Form

(Los Angeles, CA) Manuel Jackson, has hit the fashion scene with a unique flavor of his own. He is the creative genius behind Ekqualyte Apparel, seen with stars such as Nick Canon, Neyo, Wyclef and Common. With the success of his first trunk show’s amazing turnout, he has since created a never before seen “live art showcase that will debut at Crash Mansion in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, November 4th.
He has gathered some of the most talented artists in the Los Angeles area for a one-night only showcase of artistic expression. Artists from all facets such as hair-stylists, dancers, singers and make-up artists this extravaganza is unlike anything that’s ever been done before. The show will feature an emerging independent hip hop artist named Gio, an extremely talented graffiti artist named Archer as well as an up and coming air brush artist by the name of Anthony and Lokis Original will be doing live hand painting. “Ekqualyte’s main mission, says Manuel, “is to break down classifications, color lines and boundaries."

About Ekqualyte Apparel:
This refreshing new brand blossomed from the anomalous mind of Manuel Jackson, a recent 2006 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. (FIDM) Ekqualyte Apparel (pronounced Equality), is the brainchild of Manuel and he started designing in his garage in Raleigh, NC in 2004. The line began with a hand painted and hand crafted approach to garments, including painting, burning, and distressing creative art in the form of apparel.

Featured on the January 2007 cover of the "Apparel News", and in several other street trendy magazines throughout 2006, this brand is gaining positive recognition. Recognizing the various different forms of artistic expression while living in L.A., Manuel has come up with a way for every artist to be noticed. Artist Appreciation Night Part 2 a.k.a AAP II, will give artists from multiple facets the opportunity to be seen first hand.

For More Information:
Media inquiries please contact: Tai Young at taiyoungstyle@yahoo.com

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