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Lucha VaVOOM on Dia De Los Freakos @ Mayan Theatre

Last night was the third and final installment of Lucha VaVOOM's Halloween jaunt, which left the Mayan Theatre in an uproar over who was sexier: Dirty Sanchez or Cassandro? Dirty's got my money yo, especially when he reveals his mighty shit streak. The "Luchadores are Go!" series of shows featured the high flying antics of Mexican Wrestling and a slew of saucy striptease to the delight of a sold out and drunken... I mean, vocal crowd. Who am I kidding, El Jimador shots for everyone right Jeremiah?!

Dia De Los Muertos proved the more rambunctious holiday vs. Halloween proper, spandex and glitter abounded and there's no way any prowling ghosts would mistake Chupacabra, Crazy Chickens or any of The Minis as earthly species ripe for the taking. You see, they have masks on = disguise. Shhh!!! By the by, Chupacabra is the fan favorite hands down, even after getting his ass handed to 'em the spikey backed freakazoid received a deafening roar of praise from an endearing crowd.

My journalistic mind queries: Is this merely a Mexican Nationalist movement embedding itself into the mindset of our Americano wrestling lovefest? Quite simply, Fuck No! There's the token high-flying brother, The Human TornadHo, then there was even the Jimmy Buffet playin', palm-tree-banana-hammock sportin', Hacksaw Jim Duggan doppelganger whiteboy named.... what was his name again? Ahh, fuggedaboudit, it really doesn't matter as long as everyone has a good time, laughs their ass off, and roots for their favorite Luchadore. That's all it's about, cuz really, it can't be about anything more.

They should be back in February just in time for Valentine's Day, it'll be at the same Mayan Theatre with more busty bodacious babes and masked avengers then you can poke a stick at, so don't miss it because you'll be severely culturally deficient if you do. At least if your Mexican that is, which most of us in Cali surely are.

Lucha!! VaVOOOOM!!!!




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