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Cattle Decapitation : The Kotori Interview

Cattle Decapitation: “Payback is a Bitch and We Call Her ‘Mother Earth.’�?
BY: Tommy Digital

Are you ready for the end of the world as you know it? It’s coming, you know it in your greedy bones. Humans are on their way out, and the New World Order is being put into motion. We are already setting up more tangible ways of life, so when you are all wiped out, we will take back Earth and restore its glory.

Mankind has raped this planet for far too long, and it’s time for vengeance. It won’t be nice or civil. It will certainly play out like a Cattle Decapitation album; like their sharp riffs and bipolar intensity, the wrath that awaits mankind will hold nothing back.

As frontman Travis Ryan growls in “Success Is…(Hanging by the Neck)�? on their newest record, Karma.Bloody.Karma, “Man has succeeded in mass destruction/Man has exceeded its capacity here on earth.�?

I won’t divulge all the details of the end, but know that it is coming. Maybe it will be like in Animal Farm, but 100 times more gruesome. Letting humans get away alive is lame talk. Indeed, the notion of “acupunctured face with the blades of a rake,�? as Ryan describes in “Total Gore,�? sounds like a fine idea.

Or, maybe we’re just waiting for you to destroy yourselves. Hey, life’s not always nice, hippy flowers and sunshine smiles.

Sure, we love the likes of Cattle Decapitation, but nevertheless we can’t spare the bastards. As Ryan conceded in a recent interview, “a lot of the lyrics are really kind of suicidal. We include ourselves…they’re pretty much us shooting ourselves in the head.�?

“All hail extinction! All hail revenge! All hail destruction! All hail death!�? (from “The New Dawn�?)

On second thought, maybe we’ll let Ryan and Co. live as our jesters.

While you’re waiting for annihilation, keep your eyes peeled for the Cattle Decapitation show…as they will be touring with The Locust in the next few months.

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