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The Locust : The Kotori Interview

Bug a Locust!
by Tom Pharo

It's here! It's here! My favorite season has arrived. No, not
wedding season, you sand-baggin' son-of-a-bitch. Locust season!
Hibernation is over, and your favorite bug-eyed, plant-devouring,
spastic, spacepunk foursome has finally left the hive and recorded a
new album. After what felt like an eternity, The Locust returns in
2007 with their forthcoming release, "New Erections." And, it can't
arrive soon enough. On 2005's 10-minute eargasm, "Safety Second, Body Last," The Locust not only gave us their most creative work to date but more importantly, a glimpse into the future of the band, further
reassuring that they're no one-trick achrididae while leaving our
sense receptors desperately starving for more(to say the least). Have
I heard the new record yet? Nope. But, I don't even need to listen to
it to know. I'm sure they've one-upped themselves again. I'm just
gunna throw it out there and say it's amazing. Don't believe me? I
used my mind to speak with The Locust telepathically and had a nice
chat. We laughed. We cried. Ok, only I cried. They told me the new
album IS amazing, and even stopped swarming long enough to answer a few things *bad pun alert* that have been bugging me.

1. Your next album is called "New Erections." is there a (penis) theme?
No penis theme. It's a musical about Easter Island.

2. What's the release date? Is it a full length?
March 20, 2007.  I guess you could call it a full length.

3. Does it have longer arrangements like "Safety Second, Body Last?"
Cuz i like that.

4. You're touring with Cattle Decapitation if we understand correctly?
Our touring plans are still being worked out.

5. Still fighting the good fight against clear channel?
We still don't play Clear Channel shows.

6. What inspires your lengthy song titles?

7. Is being funny just as important as delivering the rock?
A good sense of humor is more valuable than rock (or religion).

8. Do more people love to hate you or hate to love you?
I don't really know what they think about us.

9. What's the deal with releasing stuff on those square mini discs? I
can't put them in my iMac. Jerks.
What? You don't download your music illegally?

10. Where can i get a black locust suit?
I'll let you know when we make one.

11. If gluing carpet to your genitals does not make you a cantaloupe,
what does it make you?
A fool.

12. Since the locust hatched more than a decade ago, besides
exo-skeletons, what has changed the most?
There are less of us and more of them.

13. Is there anything that the locust finds to be be just too strange?
A Unicorn riding a Pegasus?


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