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Sandbloom : The Kotori Interview

"Sandbloom : One crazy white boy with a LOT of soul"
by Mike The Poet

There are very few voices that can stand alone with an acoustic guitar & truly rock a crowd. Kevin Sandbloom is this rare dude. His voice is timeless like the great ones. When asked about his inspiration he says, "Marvin Gaye was a big influence vocally....as well as Sly Stone."  Other influences include Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, De La Soul, Outkast, and Sade (his Sade cover never fails to give an entire room the chills).

Kevin Sandbloom has two decades of musical experience. Growing up in the foothills above LA in the chaparral of Altadena, a ripe location with a long history of great musicians & artists, he says, "I used to write songs in my head at an early age...took drum lessons as well as sang choir. I picked up guitar in high school and was in my first band soon after that." Among the many talented musicians Sandbloom grew up were Luke Cage, Damon Aaron, Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers & Mr Grizzly.

Usually accompanied by Melany Bell's angelic voice, their harmonies and music culminate into one powerful aural energy field. Notable local journalist Charles Watson writes, "Sandbloom understands the recipe for making good music - not a note, measure, nor lyric is wasted."

Sandbloom's last release "From A Bird," has picked up fever with a slow, but steadily growing burn. "I have to say it's been the overall acceptance and support of folks almost everywhere that has taken me by surprise...two things that jump out are the night we played Nuyorican Cafe...the place just went nuts and the crusty guy at the door was like 'I have never seen this place go that crazy over an artist.' That was awesome. And the first time I was in Philly this guy at a gas station was looking at my car and said 'you're a long way from home son' and he asked me to play him something so I did....so there I was playing a little personal show at the gas station.....he was like 'That's real nice.'"
The momentum over the last few years makes 2007 look extremely bright. The new CD is being completed as we speak. He says, "We already have a few "hits" we've been playing on the road and heads are really anxious to hear these on CD....working title of the record is "madloveactivate" ...we are committed to getting it out a.s.a.p. Once the new record is done we are going to embark on a 6-month to a year tour....there are so many place we haven't gone to yet...our manager is also trying to get us over to Europe."

They also have a back-burner project which is "more jazz-ballad chordally intricate stuff." They enjoy getting in front of different audiences, so this recording will be geared towards a traditional jazz/soul/blues crowd.

After playing with at least three different bands, years of hitting the open mics around Southern California & several cross-county tours, Sandbloom now stands like an acoustic Too Short: a musician that created his own street buzz by playing live & selling CD's out the trunk. Lacking a big budget or any promotion, the buzz has grown by word of mouth. Keep your ears open this Spring for this savory flavor of acoustic soul.


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