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Sierra Swan : The Kotori Interview

Sierra's Swan Songs
sights and syntax by Miranda Burch

After an unfortunate incident with a (small penis?) bouncer who NOT ONLY had the wherewithal to direct me to dispose of my tripod but ALSO rudely ignored an innocent question from sweet lil’ ol’ me (‘Have you seen Sierra Swan this evening?’), I finally finagled my way into the infamous Viper Room. After all, I was scheduled to meet with her and the effortlessly friendly label rep Mark Gracious, and God forbid I’d miss her because of this dingleberry.

But after all was said and done and with drink (finally) in hand, it didn’t take long for me to spot her. Let’s be honest, she’s tough to miss. Her hair alone challenges any known definition of “red. She also speaks with contagious energy, translating easily to ferocious confidence while on stage. Backed by a talented full band, Sierra dominates the room, filling it with charged bellicose vocal gyration and unbridled emotion.

Sierra Swan is an act to catch before the secret’s out and  you find yourself cursing ‘damn, I should have seen her back when…’ Her recent album, Ladyland (Interscope/Custard) was the brainchild of former 4 Non-Blonds front woman Linda Perry. While collaboration lends to the record’s high potency, nothing beats Swan’s ruthlessly honest live set and talent for crippling frankness. “I don’t know how to do anything else so I have to do this. Otherwise? "[I’d be] a professional bitch. Through landing 3 record deals by 28, “I’ve pretty much earned every little line under my eyes, she muses. “Every one.

And earning her stripes has come with its perks. Her hit video, “Copper Red, a stark rendition of an art school classroom in which Sierra stands as the subject of contemplation, was directed by Frank Borin of Xzibit and Cypress Hill fame.

“Tangled insecurity where I like to dwell/
Ignoring my impurities with one more glass of wine/ Sifting through this melody deep within my mind.

Not only does this single explode on the album, the video solidifies her stake as a sex symbol. After all, “I was naked, she gushes.

The boys are liking this…tell us more.

“I was naked and I was very hot.


“Porn was being filmed in the next room so it was very appropriate.

At this point in the interview, the substance of our discussion inexplicably dwindled significantly to elementary inquiries…I don’t even remember the questions…but her answers certainly were notable:

“Popsicles. Because ice cream cones drip all over my hands and I’m very messy and I tend to get very dirty with an ice cream cone.

Sierra (gasp!)…the children…

“That sounds really sexual, but it’s not. So is a popsicle, but whatever.  I’m just better at sucking on those.

Ok, it’s obviously easy to become entranced by her lackadaisical laugh and food-related innuendos but the real treat is the show.  Now go, grasshoppa, go.


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