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We Are The Fury : The Kotori Interview

Jeremy Lublin Talks to Bob Freville
Transmissions Received By Bill V. Brofee

Bob is a super-obsessive # 1 fan of We Are The Fury. They are his favorite band in the galaxy. He likes them so much that when he found out that lead singer Jeremy Lublin had a head cold, he promptly went out in sub-degree weather in a soaking wet leotard so he could relate appropriately.

“How did you guys get into music together? Bob asked Jeremy, sitting on the edge of his seat and shaking like a chihuahua.

“We’ve been playing together since high school, Jeremy replied. “About eight years ago. We wanted to start something new and take the sounds that we liked and do something different.

“People end up doing what they think they should be doing. But I’ve noticed that a lot of bands have become fans of ours because we’re doing something they could be doing…Bands concentrate too much on the style and sacrifice songwriting.

Bob asked Jeremy about their single “Now You Know.

“We wanted a song that spoke to younger audiences, Jeremy said. “That song is about looking at the music trends right now and saying to the kids, ‘This is just people trying to sell you a bunch of bullshit.’  Even though some of those bands are good, the scene that you think you’re a part of is just put together by corporations.

“There are bands that come out strictly because of trends …as opposed to being a legitimately good band.

Bob was eager to know what makes We Are The Fury triumph in a pop-saturated market.

“We put a lot of emotion and energy into what we do, Jeremy said. “We have fun, we try to write good songs. We take in a lot of influences and try not to limit ourselves to any one thing.

Bob was enthused to learn that Venus [the new LP] was recorded on a farm in Ann Arbor because he is a big fan of petting zoos and bestiality, not to mention the glorious music of Nature.

“We felt naturally at home in this region, Jeremy said. “There’s horses and peacocks running around. It seemed like out in L.A. there were so many distractions. It wasn’t conducive to being creative. Being on a farm in Michigan, it’s really easy to put what we want down. We’re really happy with how it came out.
“What has is been like being part of the Take Action Tour? Bob asked with his ear pressed against the phone like Silly Putty on newsprint.

“It was a lot of fun. It was a good time. The bands were cool to hang with. The kids seemed really excited about it. It was the first time we had ever done something like that.

Being the obsessive Romantic that he is, Bob was curious to analyze the meaning behind the very strong WATF lyric, “Love never forgets how it is to be alone.

“That’s our break-up song, Jeremy clarified. “It was directed at my girlfriend at the time. She was afraid of me breaking up with her in the future. It was a line to say, ‘I hope you know what you’re doing. Love is a very special thing. Don’t break into this heart just to throw it away.’ We didn’t want to have too many break-up songs because I think a lot of bands are doing that with the whole emo/screamo boom that’s been going on for the past few years.

“I think we said it in a different way. Most of the songs are about having fun, but I wanted an album that encompassed everything. People break up and people have relationship troubles.

Bob was thrown by the androgyny in the CD’s inserts, wondering whether it was a statement about the band or modern rock couture.

“We had a sense of humility in those photos. We’re a bit androgynous. Right now Rock music is a bit too macho…like Hinder and Nickelback. We’re not macho dudes. We were never on the football teams and stuff like that. It’s natural for us to go in that direction.

“When did you guys start wearing mankerchiefs? Bob asked.

“Oh, um…Probably in the past year and a half.

“Are they comfortable?

“Uh...yeah, yeah. They’re not…I don’t know…they’re fine.

Bob was psyched. He wanted to pawn off his belongings and buy himself a purple scarf and some leather pants. But he wanted to be sure it was worth it.

“What’s the best thing about being in an Indie Rock band?

“You get to experiment. You get to have fun. And you get to do what you want to do without being influenced as much by corporations and other people telling you what they think you should be doing.


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