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by Mike The Poet

Kotori readers, We are the movement!  Look beyond Hollywood, MTV & U.S. Weekly. The new beautiful is in your own backyard. It�'s not on the newsstands. The real superstars are the underground artists. In urban cities around the world dedicated artists are making their statements in technicolor. Technology has leveled the playing field. We are entering a creative renaissance. Visionaries around the world are hosting wicked art parties with vivid paintings, live music & explosive elements.. .  Here�'s the WORD from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco & New York City ...

7 blocks along Main & Spring in Downtown Los AngelesÂ?' historic core has been dubbed Gallery Row. 22 Art galleries have emerged in the area over the last 3 years. A favorite among the bunch is CREWEST. Founded 4 years ago by renowned artist Man One in Alhambra, he relocated in early 2006 to Downtown Los Angeles. Located on Main & Winston, Crewest is giving Gallery Row the raw street art it lacked. Man One puts it like this....
"We promote only the most talented underground artists, known and unknown, from the West Coast and beyond. From graffiti to digital art, from paint to sculpture, our art exhibits are focused on what's current, relevant, and happening now. Our purpose is to promote gifted artists who's work may be too edgy and non-conventional for other elitist venues. We cater to art that speaks to the heart and soul as well as the mind. We believe in bringing raw and powerful artwork to the people of Los Angeles.Â?" Www.crewest.com

Cannibal Flower
The monthly art party Cannibal Flower was started by a group of friends to showcase art and music without having to deal with the politics of the conventional gallery. After close to 7 great years, the party has become world famous. Featuring art, music, dance, film, projections, magic and fashion shows, the consistent exceptional art & carnival vibe make the night quite a ride. The people are as wild as the art. Mear One, Lola, Nathan Spoor, Emi M. & dozens of others. Great music is always played from both live acts & deejays. Empresario, curator & mixmaster L.C. aka L. Crosky aka DJ Mr Number1derful is a bad man. His approach with Cannibal Flower is brilliant. He has given dozens of young artists their first break. His philosophy is,Â? "If there's an artist that's truly passionate and dedicated to what they do, they deserve a chance to show it." The only people that hear Â?"No" are the cocky ones. LC runs an art show with a soul. The formula of up-and-coming art stars along with more established artists make the line-up always dynamic. Add in some out there art bands & you got a serious art party. Cannibal Flower has even succeeded in getting shy LA Westsiders to come east to downtown to see what the buzz is all about. It's about art. Great paintings, cutting edge live music & a swinging dance floor to close out the night.

The Arts Factory
The Arts Factory in Las Vegas hosts equally swinging art party on the First Fridays of every month. The Arts Factory is a converted warehouse housing artists, architects, photographers & graphic designers. The space houses 5 galleries, a restaurant & a residence upstairs. Five Finger Miscount is Iceberg Slick's Gallery in the space & he's the one responsible for bringing in the crowds..
Iceberg Slick is an animator, curator & host extraordinaire. HeÂ?fs shown famous artists like MEAR ONE, Blaine Fontana, Alayna Magnan, Jason Rudolph Pena, RETNA, Amy Sol, RIB ONE & YEM. The art show on First Fridays in Vegas gets flooded with over 2,000 people. Who'd thought there would be an audience for art in Sin City? The Arts Factory's motto is "What happens in Vegas has nothing to do with us."

Sick & Loaded
Whether it be the Black Panthers, Jack London, E-40 or the Beat Generation, the Bay Area has always been a place for creative inspiration. San FranciscoÂ?fs Â?gMuse Cru CollectiveÂ?h has been making a lot of noise with a monthly art party called SICK & LOADED. Sick and Loaded brings artists from around the world together, to connect one another, and to create community. Crystal Davis, Jenn Porreca, and Mike Boo started Sick and Loaded to unite the best in emerging visual artists, film, photography, and independent hip hop and turntablism. What started less than 2 years ago @ the Mission DistrictÂ?fs Hush Hush Lounge has now spread to Los Angeles, New York, London, and more. The Muse Cru today is a collective with dozens of musicians and artists. Â?"We are art, we are film, we are music & we are photography. Our goal is to create a safe space for artists to connect with one another.Â?"

And for a piece of Brooklyn, check the reviews pages...we'll let the legendary Livingroom Johnston show you wutz up!

Streets are real hot people! Drop in or log on!!
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