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Ming & Ping : The Kotori Interview

Ming and Ping: Showing Us How Things Are So Beauty
by Cole Williams


    When I found out this interview would be going down AIM chat-room style I was disappointed. I love exploring the nuances and subtleties of live inflection and body language; I enjoy the intimacy in it.

    However, when it comes to Ming and Ping a chat-room is a lovely approach. Considering that most fans can’t stop dancing to catchy, sugar-synth-pop long enough to decide if they are annoyed at the apparent lack of depth and meaning, something as nebulous and stark as the Internet is the perfect compliment to smart laptop new-wave and hip new-millennium robo-chic.

    As it turned out, they were human after all. These twin brothers from Hong Kong and San Fran surprised me with warm, lighthearted, thoughtful vibes, flowing beneath a disarming patchwork of English that made me feel a little like I was conversing with intelligent children from a utopian future era.

    “What motivates me is to use what I learn for showing others, types Ping, distinguishable from Ming only by font. “I mean to tell my friends, don’t worry - things are so beauty!

    This might sound naive to the disaffected, but they support these sentiments with inspiring savvy. “I think there is a lot of serious [in our music], Ming assures me earnestly, “but I also think we embrace things not so seriously like a lot of artists because we really love that ‘bad’ and ‘good’ and ‘serious’ and ‘funny’ is all going to change. Like, we try to show that everything is going to change a lot, so we write down a seriously thing, but we look at it like it is only one thing within one millions beautiful things.

    I like the Ming and Ping sound. I dig retro dance-synth, with the saw-wave, undulating bass-lines and sparkling, hyperactive arpeggios. Those understated, honest vocals over old-school, open/closed-gate beats seem to be saying: Hey, we are just two Asian-American guys who love city-life and electronic music; stop analyzing us and dance already!

    And they only get better. Speaking of their sophomore effort “MP2 Ming says “We really able this time to write better our feelings. I think our first album we are still trying to capture a style... “…And on MP2 we already very comfortable with our style, Ping puts in. “This make it easier to concentrate on our inside.    

    The boys shot me a new, unreleased track - “Let go - and it is certifiably hot clean fun. “Kind of serious lyrics, Ming adds. Yeah, and with an energetic melody and absolutely dreamy chorus, it is easily their best and most mature song yet. “We focus on the dance parts of our older songs and use them more this time, Ming says of the new music. “We actually try to make sounds that have the feeling of our old favorites.

    “This time we look into old records like New Order ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ and Depeche Mode ‘Speak and Spell’, but we also use influence from like new Madonna CD and new Pet Shop Boys CD. They have the best parties!

    “I think we searching for Asian-American dream! Ping quips playfully. “One of our favorite artists is Isamu Noguchi, and I think we searching for a little bit of the same thing, which is to do great things and capture many influences, but not lose our culture deep inside.
    Despite the seemingly impassable barrier of electronic disassociation, these brothers come across friendly and engaging, constantly laughing and unexpectedly finding beauty and philosophy in the simplest moments. Their music is fun, reflective, and human.

“We not really rock-star mate! Ping easily admits. “We make some songs and some arts, and I think when we have some fans it become like a friendship!




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