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So, here it is!!! After all the talk and all the hype and all the questions and the answers and the brouhaha, it's finally here. We knew that this was going to be something...but what we didn't realize was the intensity behind the anticipation that has been brewing for closer to a decade than not. What we're talking about, of course, is the proper return of The Wu Tang Clan. On December 11, we'll all be able to get a potent Shaolin fix with the release of "The 8 Diagrams." And with it comes Kotori Magazine's "The WU Interview." We sat down to lunch with RZA and hung out in the studio with the rest of the Clan while they were putting their finishing touches on the album...and the video is finally here. Check it in the new issue now at KotoriMag.com!

And although we know that's more than plenty...that's not all. Along with Kotori's Wu video interview, and the official upgrade from beta to the new Kotori Magazine site and format, we have video interviews with Wyclef Jean direct from the listening party for "Carnival 2 : Memoirs of an Immigrant" (in which, among many other surprises, Wyclef announces his bid for presidency), a video interview with Rogue Wave backstage from their recent set at the famous El Rey, and our videos from our "Festival Fuss" series, where we trecked across the country to 3 of the best festivals the past 5 months had to offer (Vegoose - where we hang with Blonde Redhead and Rage Against the Machine destroys our camera, LA Weekly's Detour festival, and regarding the best beer from the Blues and Brews festival...the jury seems to still be out for libatio..uh...deliberations).

Also check out the mini-documentary from The Burrito Project (trust us, it's much more than you think), our interview with Black Moth Super Rainbow, photographer Roderick Lockett's firsthand look at the ills behind the beauty that is today's Cambodia, see what happens when you spend 8 seconds with System of a Down's Serj Tankian, get lost in virtually un-virtual un-reality reality in Silverladder, check The Coathangers, Chainsaw Sally, an official review and clip from "Of Bitches and Hounds," the year's most intriguing underground independent film, and too much more...

And with that, Kotori wants to thank everyone for their continued support and extend a personal and hearty Happy Holidays to every living person and thing. No matter which and if you celebrate, we hope that you find it in you to keep in your minds and your hearts those less fortunate and celebrate being a year closer to having them all celebrate with us!

Out with the old (2007) and in with the new (2008), and we're not just talking about the year (yes, you Washington douche-bags know who you are).

This is the one we've all been waiting for. Let's do this thing!

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