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Wu Tang Clan : 8 Diagrams : The Kotori Review

Wu-Tang Clan
8 Diagrams
[Wu Music Group/SRC]

I'm sure for all you hardcore Wu-Heads out there, there was no denying owning a sense of skepticism about this album. Can the Clan really reach a new level of rawness or has time finally caught up with the untouchable icons? All I can say is that "8 Diagrams" definitely brings you something new and that's more than I can say about any other super group of emcees who's been holding it down since the early '90s. Although the traditional Wu formula still remains, RZA exhibits his musical ambition on this one dropping a more mature sound that caters to a diversity in instruments. Adding elegance to the madness, the Clan is joined by artists such Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison, and George Clinton. It becomes evident that it's been a long time since we first entered the 36 Chamber but poisonous darts have stayed sharp over the years. Although they bring might not the ruckus like they once did, Wu-Tang still aint nothing tah fuck wit!

[Darren Duque]

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