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Giant Maximus NYE with Tiesto : The Kotori Review

You could literally hear the party going off from the 10 freeway. I almost felt compelled to hop out of my car and commence dancing right there because I was so anxious at that point. Located at the heart of Downtown L.A., there was nothing but a slue of $40 parking lots and of course, I’m like “fuck that!�? till we came across one that went for five bucks. Then after walking down a few sketchy blocks, we made it to the gate only to be greeted by a line of disgruntled party-goers forming around the corner. Once again, I’m like “fuck that!�? and decide to join a group of people attempting to stampede the front entrance. With my size advantage and my ninja-like ability to make my way through crowds, I was in there like swim wear. The venue was set up like a psychedelic circus with three big top arena tents, a Monster Midway, carnival rides, a Giant Ferris wheel, and not to mention one kick ass trapeze act. It reminded me a little of Coachella but without the two hour drive into the blazing desert. Although it was clear that Tiesto was ring master of this circus, there was no denying the other acts on the line up. Dance floor killers such as MSTRKRFT, L.A. Riots, and Roger Sanchez all laid it down proper one more time for 2007. Not to mention a memorable set by DJ Z-Trip who offered some not so friendly commentary about the techno icon.“Tiesto doesn’t have THIS shit! I’m not saying I’m the best but I put a lot of hard work into my music.�? I think what he’s really saying is that spinning records might be a little bit more tedious than pushing buttons but then again, what do I know? None the less, when midnight finally crept around the corner, you already knew who owned the night. Tiesto rocked a four hour opus that probably could’ve gone until the year 2009. Caught in the trenches of it all, I will admit it got a little hectic at times. It almost feels like a Rage Against The Machine concert when you’ve got 10,000 party-goers all dancing like they’re going to war with the floor! These kids put the festive in “festival.,�? if you ask me. At one point, Tiesto had to pause his performance because some girl was rumored to had gotten crushed in the front. That’s the risk we all take when witnessing one of the world’s biggest DJ’s do his thing! All in all, I could easily say that this was one of my better spent New Year‘s. The people at Giant did a great job capping off a year of what seemed to a frenzy of festivals. [Darren Duque] Circus3 Circus Giant City Giant City MSTRKRFT MSTRKRFT Roger Sanchez Roger Sanchez ZTrip DJ Z-Trip Tiesto Tiesto Tiesto Crowd Crowd at Tiesto
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