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"The Thread"

The Thread arrived among the piles of uninvited offerings that are hoisted on any foolish, self-proclaimed music lover who happens to be unfortunate enough to be jaded by a career that includes work as a reviewer, or critic, if you must. It also arrived at a time when said career was in doubt, for no other reason than the fact that I hate 90% of the shit that’s pimped to me.

And when the amazing stuff shines up through the steaming offal, I can’t bear to write the review. Because the review will almost always sound like all reviews, invariably containing the same words—"majestic," "refreshing," "galvanizing," "orgiastic," "immediate."

In the case of this Star of Ash disc all of those words once again apply, only this time I am unashamed to repeat them. This is the album I have been waiting for, an all-encompassing kiss-off to linear music and a cinematic, orchestra-worthy work of awesome range and, yes, orgiastic splendiferousness.

I felt neither compelled to turn it off nor averse to using the same old words to describe its epochal essence. Probably because it begged for me to write an epic film around its staggering score.

Veteran versatile vixen Heidi Solberg-Tveitan and her gifted guests play with your circuitry in what is best defined as smoother, stream-lined and uber-sexual experimental music. The rising and driving, stunning and sucker-punching flow of every song sends the keen listener into paroxysms and rewards them with a power surge that you can’t get from the "next greatest pop artist that’s about to blow up in a big way." Magnificence on wax…or CD, if you must.—Bob Freville
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