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Justice Myspace Tour

Justice at the Mayan Theater, Los Angeles(3/31/2008)

I feel like I should consider myself lucky that I didn't go blind or have blood seeping out my ears by the time I left the show. It was loud, to say the least, and the lighting effects made me feel like I was traveling through outerspace at warp speed! None the less, it was definetely one of the better electronic showcases I've seen in a few. At one point, I couldn't even hold my camera straight because the entire buidling was literally shaking like Los Angeles finally felt the Big One!

Since the unvieling of the cross, Justice has seemed to effortlessly gain notoriety in the DJ world. Their smash hit "D.A.N.C.E" has already become a staple for hipster kids and although they swing towards funky disco, Justice definitely puts the rock n' roll into dance rock. Drawing from heavy metal influences, they are easily prone drop straight bangers! Tracks like "Genesis" and "Let There Be Light" make it not so suprising to see kids turn from 2-steps to mosh pits. If you didn't catch the show, be sure to peep the dynamic duo at Coachella this year. You won't be disappointed, trust me.

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