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HBO Remembers George Carlin

HBO Remembers George Carlin, one of the greatest social commentators of all time.

George Carlin has passed, leaving us a bounty of hilarious and provocative routines that resonate the core of human existence. HBO will remember George Carlin this week with encore presentations of many of his HBO specials.  The specials span his association with the network, from his first HBO special (“George Carlin at USC") to his last (“It’s Bad for Ya").

“George Carlin:  It’s Bad for Ya," which debuted on the network in March, will be seen on the main HBO channel this Friday, June 27 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

In addition, HBO2 will present 11 of his specials over two nights.  The HBO2 schedule is (all times ET/PT):

 Wednesday, June 25
8:00 p.m.       George Carlin at USC (1977)
9:30 p.m.       George Carlin Again! (1978)
11:00 p.m.      Carlin at Carnegie (1983)
midnight        Carlin on Campus (1984)
1:00 a.m.       Playin’ with Your Head (1986)

Thursday, June 26
8:00 p.m.       What Am I Doing in New Jersey? (1988)
9:00 p.m.       Doin’ It Again (1990)
10:00 p.m.      Jammin’ in New York (1992)
11:00 p.m.      Back in Town (1996)
12:05 a.m.      You Are All Diseased (1999)
1:00 a.m.       It’s Bad for Ya (2008) 

Photo credit: Janet Van Ham


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