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Matt & Kim: The Hideout, Chicago

Matt & Kim rock the house at The Hideout in Chicago. Show review by Diana Richardson

Matt & Kim: The Hideout, Chicago
BY: Diana Richardson

A show with both great bands and free beer is bound for greatness. Such was the madness when Colt 45 put on a free show at the Hideout in Chicago on July 3rd. The lineup was Hollywood Holt, an up and coming hip-hop artist; The Death Set, a hardcore punk band; and the headliners, Matt and Kim, who if really had to be classified are some sort of Indie pop electronica. The bands were so diverse that everyone’s musical taste buds were satisfied. 

From the very start these groups had an amazing crowd to work with (minus the given assholes that are expected at any concert). Hollywood Holt started things off, engaging the swarm of kids. By the end of his set everyone had their hands in the air and dancing (as well as white kids who can dance), and he finished off with a little crowd surfing. 

Death Set started their set in a slightly different fashion. One band member decided that while he was setting up he would just lower his pants and flash everyone. Only in Chicago can someone do that and either no one notices at all, or no one even cares. Following the flashing, they threw some beer into the crowd, and thus started the beer war between band and mass of people getting free Colt 45s. Throughout their set everyone was body slamming, jumping up and down, running up on the stage; it was complete and utter amazing chaos. The Death Set never missed a beat. And by the end, Hollywood Holt was back on stage body surfing. 

Finally it was Matt and Kim on stage. By the time they started everyone was pumped and happy off of that classy Colt 45. Everyone was dancing and singing, and I swear Kim had a smile on her face the whole time. Even after some asshole girl apparently forgot that The Death Set was no longer on stage and throwing beer, and the band was no longer acceptable and threw beer on Kim.

All in all, it’s hard to complain when holding a free tall boy of Colt 45. But if there was one thing that was rather disappointing, it was the fact that it was a pretty short show. Each band played a few songs and then that was that. And since they were such great bands, longer sets would have been nice. In fact, it was such a lovely show I was inspired to buy things from the merch table.  My friends, if you are as broke as me, you will appreciate how amazing that really is.


[Diana Richardson - Kotori Magazine]

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