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Kotori at the Playboy Mansion

MPP's Party at the Playboy Mansion

Everybody knows the famed Playboy Mansion, but not everybody knows about the MPP.  Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is the largest organization in the states devoted to reforming Marijuana Laws. In 1995, when MPP was founded, marijuana was illegal in every state. Now we have 12 states where medical marijuana IS LEGAL. So for all you living in the states that aren't green, fear not!! MPP got your back. 

These are the ones on the front lines of the political bullshit. Lobbying for legislation. Fighting through all the congressional red tape. Rob Kampia (co-founder) actually helped write a good part of the laws that are on the books in the 12 States in which marijuana is legal. Another target on the MPP hit list is the White House Drug Czar and the deceptive ad campaigns that contaminate the airwaves. They should be more focused on the youth smoking meth than hitting a joint. Not that kids should be smoking pot, however, there are just worse things a high school junior could be doing.

Here in California, MPP is pushing to enact policy that would prevent the local law from aiding the Feds and DEA in their marijuana-based attacks. The more arrests the Feds and CIA make, the bigger the budget for the "War on Drugs." Don't hear much about coke busts or meth raids these days. What happened to E? As long as they put someone in an over-populated prison, there is money and license plates to be made.

Back at the Mansion, this June night wasn't just about networking, drinking, good music and eye candy...they served hors deurves! Perry Farrell was behind the decks. Well in this case behind the MAC. Dropping the tracks to make the party groove. There was art to be auctioned off, with proceeds being used to help fund the MPP movement. Adrianne Curry got the nod as the host, and what a great job she did. The Party was great and the purpose was meet with great support. People from all walks of life, hanging out at the Mansion, supporting the people who fight for our right to smoke pot!! So it's safe to say, the 3rd Annual MPP Playboy Mansion Fundraiser / Party will go down as being one step above the 2nd annual party. It would only make sense that next years party is going to be even better!! Until next year.


Rob Kampia, Perry Ferrell and Adrianne Curry
[Rob Kampia, Perry Ferrell and Adrianne Curry]



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