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A Playground Called Romance: Tax Time- Check The Single Box


"File as single"

Sweet darling month of April. Spring flowers blooming, winter jackets to be stored away, those little pastel colored marshmallow peeps are my daily breakfast, and my f***ing taxes are due.

It's a painful time of the year and I've only been experiencing this 'big girl/pay your taxes' responsibility for a short time since I was handed my college diploma and brutally stepped into the fierce, yet wondrous 'real world'.

So I'm rustling through my mail, searching for that puny W-2 form so I can write zero all over the 1040EZ, learn how to add and subtract again, file my federal taxes shmaxes and pray for a refund high enough to pay for a roll of toilet paper when there it is... flashing right before my eyes:

"File as single"

Not that filing your taxes is supposed to be a romantic event but even my taxes are trying to label me as just another single gal. And to add more to the pain of loneliness, those married couples get a larger tax return in the end.

So what's in it for us single taxpayers? Well, on the bright side we can keep our refund for ourselves and buy something nice for just us and no one else. On the other hand, we're filed away as just another statistic: Single.

It ‘aint so bad when you come home from a night out with no piece of paper with some random guy’s number on it, but it is a little brutal when the government reminds you that you are a wallflower amidst the joint taxpayers.

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