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The Guys You'll Meet on Earth, But Not in Heaven: Players


Some guys are always playing. . . .

Rick was playing his usual game the night he picked up Allison at the Spotted Pig in the West Village. It was Allison's first night out since a major breakup 3 months ago and she had quickly downed 2 Guinness Stouts to feel no pain. By the time Rick had caught her eye and fixed his gaze on her cleavage, she was feeling ready for human company again. With Rick in the room, Allison didn't have to worry about going home alone that night.

Because, you see, Rick never let a girl wonder about his intentions. He was expert at invading a woman's personal space and then placing his hand on a hand, a shoulder or a butt. Meanwhile the lines of seduction came with a relentless pressure. "I believe I'm in love." --- "No woman has ever got me this hot this fast." --- "You are the reason I came here tonight."

The words came easy to Rick because there was nothing genuine about them. While other guys struggle with normal shyness and concern about how their words are judged, Rick had no such inhibitions. Rick was free to say or do whatever he wanted because he, like all sociopaths, lacked a conscience. And so, all rules were made to be broken.

Later that night Rick borrowed 50 dollars from Allison for a box of condoms and the cab ride back to Allison's place on East 82nd Street. He never gave a thought to paying her back. Over the next few weeks Rick would occasionally call Allison or show up at her apartment after midnight but he would never consent to making any plans to get together. He always had some excuse.
Once when Allison told him she was too tired to let him in, he pushed the door open and threw Allison on to her bed before forcing her to pleasure him. He later blamed his behavior on his drunken state, but he continued to drink whenever he was with her.

Allison tried to disconnect from Rick, but every now and then her loneliness allowed him in.

A few months later Allison discovered that there was a thousand dollars missing from her checking account and that her ATM card was missing. As she searched her memory for a clue-- an image from that first night with Rick flashed through her mind. She was at the ATM machine with Rick--- getting cash for the condoms and cab and he was asking her how she could remember her PIN number under the influence. She had explained to him, "Easy, it's my birthday---051188."

Allison was sad and disgusted, but she had learned a lesson sung years earlier by Stevie Nicks:

"Thunder only happens when it's raining
Players only love you when they're playing."

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