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The Art of Max Kauffman


A painter out of Denver, Colorado, Max Kauffman incorporates watercolor, acrylic, and gouache to create a colorful and chaotic landscape of imaginary animals and their environments.

Every gallery show Max does has a loose theme in mind, but his work seems heavily influenced by nature, science, and politics all done in a playful and surreal manner; dripping plants, exploding masses of bird feathers, and tree branches reaching for the sky.

While his creatures are interacting with their given habitat, and each other, Max says of his newer works, "Another shift is in earlier work, I had these animals/beasts attacking or battling the cities -- nature taking back its turf. Lately, they are in a lot more harmony, living intertwined with each other. As things crumbled around them (ancient civilizations are a another giant thing for me), they have set aside their differences, and are ready to make it work together, in order to survive."

While also busy with his commercial design work, Max will have prints and T-Shirts coming out by Andenken in the future, as well as gallery shows at Art Whino Gallery in National Harbor, MD in July and C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice, CA in August. You can find more info at www.kauffmanartistry.com and original pieces for sale at his etsy shop.

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