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The Men You'll Meet on Earth But Not in Heaven: The Accusers


Gary explained to her that the United States was under siege from ungodly people, and that it was important for everyone to be very alert to the dangers to America from within as well as from abroad.

Some men see conspiracies in all directions. Their paranoia, fueled by the rantings of Rush Limbaugh and the Savage Nation keeps them in a hypervigilant stance designed to protect themselves and the flag they display on every available surface.

Gary spent his drive times listening to right-wing talk radio and his evenings in an upper East Side bar. As a boy, his parents had convinced him that he was a less than adequate person living in a very dangerous world. And so, Gary appreciated the nightly jolt of grandiosity and serenity delivered by a few Coronas. Only then could he muster the courage to make eye contact with the attractive women who regularly spent their evenings sipping Pinot Noir.

Marisa was impressed by Gary's muscular frame and overly polite manner. She had been abused by various men while growing up in Albania before her family moved to America to find a better life. Marisa's past had set her up to be attracted to men who seemed capable of protecting her, and so she started to exhale shortly after meeting Gary at her local bar. She had rarely met a guy who didn't immediately focus on her ample breasts while initiating a pick up conversation, and Gary just wouldn't go there. Instead, his manner was shy and very correct. When he flagged down a taxi to take her to his apartment, he courteously held open the door and then made certain his body didn't touch Marisa's when he seated himself next to her. It was the first time that Marisa kissed a guy before being kissed.

Marisa's first surprise came as she entered Gary's living room and saw a huge hammer and sickle hanging on the wall with a sign that proclaimed "Death to Commies, Muslims and Jews."

"What is that?!" Marisa shouted. Gary then explained to her that the United States was under siege from ungodly people, and that it was important for everyone to be very alert to the dangers to America from within as well as from abroad.

"If I love something I protect it," Gary continued, "I love my country, and I already feel I could fall in love with you." At that moment the strength and sincerity of Gary's convictions persuaded Marisa to take a chance on him.

Initially, it was all good for Marisa. There was nothing that Gary wouldn't do for her. He spent much time and energy making sure she was happy and safe. For the first time Marisa felt that she was with someone who put her first.

This era of good feeling gradually diminished over the next few months. The first warning sign came when they went to Coney Island and were walking on the beach together, when a guy passed them who couldn't take his eyes off Marisa's bikini top. "Did you see that? That guy dissed me by disrespecting you." And with that, Gary ran after the guy and tackled him before two cops broke it up. Gary could not stop talking about the incident. After that, Marisa began to notice that Gary was always scanning the environment whenever they were together. She also noticed that in addition to Commies, Muslims and Jews, Gary did not trust his boss, his father and his next door neighbor.

One weekday, Marisa made plans to meet Gary for lunch at a midtown restaurant. She left work with a male co-worker who was walking her way. They stopped to talk in front of the restaurant while she waited for Gary. Suddenly, Gary approached her from behind and began cursing---"I knew you were cheating on me, you're just another fucking cunt!"

Her co-worker hastily exited while Marisa tried to melt into the sidewalk before turning around and telling Gary that she couldn't take it anymore. "You can't trust anyone!" she yelled as she turned and ran back to her office.
After that the phone calls began, at first apologetic but then increasingly angry and accusing. Marisa refused to answer and just hoped he'd get the message. One day she thought she saw him watching her as she turned onto her street but she concluded she was just over-stressed and jumping to conclusions. 

A month later she was leaving her building one evening to join a friend at the movies when she thought she heard someone move behind her. Before she could turn around she saw the shadow of a huge hammer in the street light. At the instant she felt the hammer smash into her head she felt nothing more until she woke up in the hospital 3 days later. -A young and kindly doctor of Middle Eastern descent asked her if she knew who had done this to her. Marisa then told him the story of her paranoid ex-boyfriend.

The doctor then explained something to her that she had just come to know.

"Beware of men who need to protect you, for in the end you will need protection from them." Marisa nodded her aching head.

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