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THE KOTORI INTERVIEW: The Disco Biscuits, Kraze, Lotus and more invade STARSCAPE!


The 12th Annual Starscape 2010


The Kotori Interview with Evan Weinstein, Marketing Director for the Starscape 2010 Festival

Asha Azhar: Starscape is one of America's best music festivals - now in its twelfth year.  Can you tell me why this event has been so successful?

Evan Weinstein:  I think there are a number of reasons for the success of the festival. First is the uniqueness of the event itself as well as the venue. From its history as an Endicott fort to its prime location right on the water, everything about Ft. Armistead Park makes it the perfect location for this event.

Secondly, I think our dedication to dance music and refusal to change direction with the festival. A few years ago we saw a lot of festivals turn towards more mainstream music. While we've broadened the type of dance music represented at Starscape, we have remained dedicated to keeping the festival a dance music event. 

Last but not least, I think the dedication of our patrons to the event. There are a large number of people who have been attending this event for 10+ years including a good number who don't even attend any other events anymore but continue to support this event. A dedicated fan base like that definitely helps the event stand the test of time.

Asha Azhar: How many people were in attendance last year?

Evan Weinstein:  We had about 7,000 last year

Asha Azhar: How will this year’s festival be different than last year’s if any?

Evan Weinstein:  We are going to be putting more effort into production and organization. Last year was one of the smoothest run festivals we've ever produced and we're looking to improve on that. As for production, we're looking to enhance attendees experience by adding more lights, more sound, more of an interactive experience.

Asha Azhar: Can you tell me how clean up is done for this festival?  Will there be any green - recycling aspects involved with it?

Evan Weinstein:  We have attempted and continue to attempt to take the festival in a greener direction. We included recycling last year and over the next few month we will be game planning on how to improve these efforts.

Asha Azhar: What role do you play at this festival?   Has it been enjoyable?   What do you like most about this festival?

Evan Weinstein:   I handle all the marketing and promotion for the festival. I started out at a street promoter for the event in 2000. Now I'm one of the four people organizing it. It hasn't always been the most fun experience but it has been an amazing ride. I'd say the most enjoyable part of the festival for me is seeing everyone having a good time. I rarely get to enjoy the music but I definitely enjoy moving around the festival seeing everyone else enjoying it.

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Get ready for the kickoff party of the summer, the annual Starscape Festival held at Fort Armistead Park in Baltimore, MD!  This is the festival’s 12th year and promises to be one of the best yet.  The full lineup will be announced on February 19th, featuring our favorite acts from last year, plus this year’s hottest bands and djs.  The festival is being expanded to include an extensive art performance area with art for sale, interactive booths, and other fun things to do and see. Also this year is an enhanced VIP package including open bar, reserved parking, and exclusive viewing areas at the main stages. So make your plans to be at the East Coast’s best all-night festival.

Visit www.starscapefestival.com for all of the info and to purchase tickets.


Ultraworld Productions in association with Steez Promo, Mother's Federal Hill Grille, Dub Nation, & Nudashank presents the 12th Annual Starscape Festival at Ft. Armistead Park in Baltimore MD on June 5th, 2010 from 2pm to 6am. This year's event will include 6 areas of music including The Main Stage, The Beach Stage, The Dance Tent, The Drum & Bass Arena, The Nudashank Art Gallery & Performance area, and the Lost World VIP stage. The current lineup, including headliners is listed below, and there will be additions to the lineup in the weeks to come.


Main Stage:

The Disco Biscuits

Pretty Lights


The New Deal

Future Rock

more TBA


Beach Stage:



Trouble & Bass Live

Orchard Lounge


more TBA


Dance Tent:

DJ Dan

Wolfgang Gartner

Craze & Klever

Reid Speed

Hot Pink Delorean

Computer Club

more TBA


Drum n Bass Arena:





more TBA

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