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Jon Gutwillig of The Disco Biscuits : The KOTORI Interview ! Jon Gutwillig of The Disco Biscuits : The KOTORI Interview

An Interview with Jon Gutwillig of The Disco Biscuits
By Asha Azhar


I followed the Disco Biscuits since they first formed and got to see their magic live at a show at Club Amazura in Queens.  When I interviewed them then, years ago, they had big dreams and hopes.  They are one of the few bands in this era that have truly united the rave and the jam band culture.  Over the years their music has reached millions and united these two scenes.  I can perhaps even say that the Disco Biscuits have saved many electronic music festivals because attendance at electronic music festivals has been down.  They have headlined every major electronic music festival in the United Stated and have brought with them their crowd.

Asha: I know you had a hand injury and were not able to perform at the Winter Music Conference at the Ultra Music Festival.  Did you attend the show?  What exactly happened with your hand and how is the healing process of your hand going?

Jon: I injured my hand in an accident after our show in Albany in early March. The doctor says that I am healing faster than expected, I'll be performing with the rest of the band this week and will be 100% before the end of the month. It was great to be there at Ultra with the rest of the band.

A: What have you been with your downtime due to your injury?  Are you still going to the shows with the rest of the band members?

J: We've only had a couple shows since my injury. I went to Ultra and am back on the road with the band now. I'm learning some tDB songs on synths, but will be playing guitar too

A: Starscape is coming up soon.  Are you looking forward to this? I think Starscape is one of the first Electronic festivals in the US that has incorporated the Jam Band culture into it.  How do you feel about this since you are the headliners for this event?

J: I've been looking forward to each Starscape and I think we've been to most of them as performers now. Camp Bisco was probably one of the first festivals to blur that boundary but Starscape is great. These days, there are no genre lines in music. Period.

A: Do you have any memories from last years’ show that you can share with us?  What makes performing at Starscape different from other festivals you have performed at?

J: Starscape is one of the last places you can still perform while the sun is coming up the next day. There's always a good lineup and I'm looking forward to it again!

A: I know you have achieved many of your hopes and dreams when it comes to bridging the gap of genre when it comes to music and even as to where you are from when you first set out as a musician.  What are some dreams and hopes you still have?  Are there some artists you still wish to work with?

J: Like I said, there are no longer music genres. One thing we're doing in the wake of planet anthem is making a mix tape of hiphop songs with Damon Dash. It's a lot of fun! We're getting more into videos as a way to share our music, too! 

A: Looking back at your musical career is there one memory or moment that stands out to you in your mind?

J: We've been playing as the disco biscuits for 15 years. Fifteen years! There are a lot of memories. Did I think we'd make it this long, and enjoy the success and love of the fans that we have? I believe in tDB and I always have but just making it this far, being a professional musician, that's a great achievement for me. How could you ever forget traveling around the country performing with your best friends?

Here are some future dates you can catch tDB at:

4/16/2010 - Richmond, VA  The National

4/17/2010 - Richmond, VA  The National

4/18/2010 - Norfolk, VA  The Norva

4/20/2010 - Washington, DC   9:30 Club

4/21/2010 - Charlottesville, VA  Jefferson Theatre

4/22/2010 - Bridgeport, CT   The Klein

4/23/2010 - Wilkes Barre, PA  Kirby Center

4/24/2010 - Altantic City, NJ  House of Blues


Please visit www.discobiscuits.com for more information to tDB 

Starscape will be held on June 5th, 2010.  Please visit www.starscapefestival.com for more information

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