Exclusive Films Capture Close Friends and Camaraderie 
"Since Way Back" at http://www.facebook.com/BushmillsUSA

New York, NY-- Bushmills® Irish Whiskey, one of the oldest names in spirits with more than 400 years of distilling tradition behind it, is capturing the close friendship and camaraderie between individuals and their social circles in New York with its latest initiative, "Since Way Back". Cameras went behind the scenes to document and highlight the lives and brotherly relationships of artists and influencers including Chromeo; Kai Regan; DustLaRock, A-Trak, and Nick Catchdubs from Fool's Gold; Jonathan Galkin and Justin Miller of DFA; and Chris Isenberg of No Mas. These video shorts will be available online at http://www.facebook.com/BushmillsUSA.

The new campaign captures the closeness between these individuals--these are groups of New York friends whose shared experiences and influences are now shaping pop culture, including the music they write, the art they create, and the businesses they begin. This mirrors the focus of Bushmills, and its dedication to shape its community. Bushmills is an original Irish whiskey from the original Irish distillery that as a brand has held belief in the power of timeless friendships and brotherhood since 1608. Bushmills is a small town in Ireland where nearly everyone works, or knows someone who works, at the distillery. The recipe is based on tradition dating back to 1608, and Bushmills is now pictured on the Bank of Ireland Currency. This campaign stems from Bushmills' general, straightforward marketing initiative to serve as an outlet to express the important people in our lives through a warm Irish whiskey.

"A-Trak, Dust and myself were all friends before we started Fool's Gold, and that bond is one of the things that really makes the company special," said Nick Catchdubs. "The Bushmills campaign definitely captures that. We hang together, we laugh, we fight... ultimately there is a unique kind of brotherhood at work that really pushes us to do better with every project, to inspire and impress each other and never stop."

Participants include:


· Chromeo: Made up of duo P-Thugg and Dave 1: childhood friends from Montreal, Canada who have released acclaimed albums She's In Control and Fancy Footwork.

· Fool's Gold: a Brooklyn-based independent record label founded in 2007 by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, quickly named a "tastemaker label" by the New York Times and an "indie innovator" by Billboard for bridging the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music while introducing artists like Kid Sister and Kid Cudi to the world. Graphic artist Dust La Rock creates the original imagery for all Fool's Gold sleeves and merchandise, and together these three friends have worked tirelessly to grow their company into a new music powerhouse and a trendsetting lifestyle brand.

· DFA Records: Jonathan Galkin is the co-founder and head of operations for DFA Records worldwide, an independent record label and production team that he launched in 2001. Justin Miller is DFA Record's label manager and a renowned DJ.

· No Mas: Chris Isenberg founded No Mas, which is known for exploring sports' secret histories in both its products and original content that include apparel, art, and media. The brand has enjoyed partnerships with Muhammad Ali, Everlast, Lonsdale, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, and Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.

· Kai Regan: Kai is a photographer and filmmaker with commissions from brands such as Tom Ford, and Blinde; music videos for CocoRosie, The Virgins, Panic at the Disco, Cobra Starship, and most recently T.I. Kai has collaborated with Shepard Fairey, in addition to his iconic iPod campaigns, and is currently the Creative Director for All Day Every Day working with clients including Nike, La Perla, The Standard, and Donna Karan.


"Bushmills is a reliable, warm Irish whiskey that as a brand has always believed in the power of timeless friendships and brotherhood," said Yvonne Briese, Director of Marketing, Bushmills Irish Whiskey. "We're so pleased to launch this campaign as part of a larger initiative to embrace the endless capabilities of a strong community."

The Bushmills initiative, "Since Way Back," will kick off with a private event in New York City, featuring The Rub. Bushmills reminds you to drink responsibly. When out with friends, make sure to drink in moderation and get home safe: designate a driver or take a taxi.

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