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Diandra Douglas Better Off Bread

It's been a rough year for Michael Douglas. Baby boy in the pen because of ole Mr. Brownstone. But none of that bothers his ex-wife, Diandra. Like the persistent paper boy of Savage Steve Holland's Better Off Dead Diandra wants her two million dollarrrrss!!!!!

Diandra has filed suit, claiming she's entitled to fifty percent of the advanced loot from Michael's gig on Oliver Stone's Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. Michael's lawyer argues that, contractually, it is spin-off monies that Diandra is entitled to and that nowhere is a sequel, such as 'Money Never Sleeps,' considered a spin-off.

It's not easy being married to a gorgeous woman like Catherine Zeta-Jones and being the heir to talent supreme. It's clear that Michael has it hard. So Diandra should clearly take a page from Chris Crocker and LEAVE MICHAEL DOUGLAS ALOOOONNE!!!!!!

Or at least wait until a proper spin-off comes along when HBO announces its new series The Gekkos.

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