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Trippin' - DVD Review


Title: Trippin’
Directed by: Devi Snively
Written by: Devil Snively  (Based on True Events)
Starring: Zed Wilson, Heathyr J. Clift, Ken Dusek, Jr., Nicole Buehrer, Lindsay Robertson

"That is one mean fuck of a little girl."--Zed

I’m gonna make this short and sweet for you. The ephemeral buzz from your first bag of regs. The moment or milli-second you lost your virginity. Short but sweet. Kind of like Devi Snively’s heretofore short filmography, a canon stocked with concise but cool-as-cucumber short films, this review will cut through the hogwash and politickin’ and get right to the point.

Snively’s first feature, the one-of-a-kind horredy (that’s horror-comedy) Trippin’ is a must see movie, one of those cultish golden nuggets that you tout proudly to pals, knowing that you were the first among them to hear of it and honored to spread the good word.

Trippin’s got all the goods, boasting gnarly animated diversions, Hollywood-worthy make-up/digital FX (also gnarly) and rad performances from an impressively enjoyable rogues gallery of kind buds (mostly unknown actors whose collective presence demands you file their names away for future photo ops and autograph prospects). It’s also got a kick ass pre-company logo opening shot of a severed something something welcoming you to Deviant Pictures’ neck of the woods. And that’s just the lead-in, baby. Wait till you roll this sucker up and catch the vapors.

Trippin’s story opens with a bar stool prologue from the apparent survivor (Zed Wilson) of the true but embellished events contained herein, an immediately compelling, very familiar goateed musician who could easily be the guy you did a couple bong blows with last Saturday night. And if you were lucky he might have taken a break between carb pulls to push this “seedy” story your way. Zed explains how a curious chick (the director) questioned him about his leg scar and, after sitting through his recollection of the radical scenario that resulted in said scar, exclaimed that it would make a great flick.

How many times have you thought the same thing about you and your friends’ wild experiences. The difference is that Zed survived more than a bar brawl or a keg stand, he survived a forest massacre of suicides and alleged homicide(s).  Devi was/is dead on and what follows is a ramped-up riotous rock n’ roll weed treat with red hairs galore, some excellent gore and much, much more! Like I say, Trippin’ has got the goods.

“The truth is boring,” one character says early on, explaining the film’s enhanced treatment of its source material and going far toward rationalizing the runaway popularity of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity and similar faux-docs.

Decked out with delectable lines like, “It was probably just a stick” and “Would you still love me if I had congenital mangina,” Trippin’ is the sticky strand of psycho fun that will have you howling from laughter and a case of the willies. Or is that the munchies?

Replete with funky frog-fueled fellatio frenzy (Don’t ask), gorgeous feet photography primed to make Tarantino purge in his pants, quirky Quualude culinary tips and a hellacious hell broth of other surprise hoots, Snively’s film is a seminal hodge podge of horror-comedy goodness.

A welcome return to the not-so-self-aware era of 80’s horror--before Scream made every outing self-consciously hip--Trippin’ posts us up at a cabin where the blood shed, like the bong loads, is in no short supply. What the movie occasionally lacks in believability it makes up for with hilarious writing, warmth for its characters, and some undiscriminating salaciousness. Directrix Devi Snively and her Deviant Pictures imprimatur also stock their DVD out with a handsome 16:9 widescreen presentation and top drawer insert booklet, not to mention a slick jacket that is severed head and maggot-riddled shoulders above the cheesy amateur hour cover art of most indie horror movies.

The film takes its time getting to the point where it delivers on its namesake, but when it does the sequence in question, a pulsating pusillanimous live action-digital animation hybrid sticks in your cranium like so much resin. Check out Trippin’ as soon as you can. Jump into this cipher right quick!


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