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Sympathy - On DVD From Breaking Glass Pictures' Vicious Circle Films Label


Sympathy has a lesson for low-budget filmmakers to learn, a lesson that most will have to learn the hard way by making crappy wanna-be ensemble movies with one hundred public locations where corporately-owned stores pop up in the background out of necessity and tons of talent-less friends of the filmmakers appear on screen just because. Here’s the lesson: If you limit your film to one primary location (thereby saving your budget for solid actors, stunts and props), focus your  efforts on story and structure instead of, simply, stylization (or the aping of others’ stylization), then you come away with a film whose low-budget doesn’t have to be at the forefront of the audience’s mind.

Director Andrew Moorman has done just that, crafting a twisting, turning slow burn roadside thriller that sparks with biting, mostly realistic dialogue, sharp plot arcs and killer turns. Credit should also go to writer Arik Martin for a solid script that refuses to resort to genre cliches to get its points across. The film, which opens as a young bank robber cuffs his sole hostage (the beautiful and talented  Marina Shtelen) to a bed post in a third rate motel room bungalow, is immediately wrought with mystery as the viewer starts to wonder why this is happening and why he has chosen this clearly manipulative young girl as his chosen captive.

Sympathy is one of those rare movies where you don’t see every switcheroo coming. A taut thriller that gives the fairer sex their due,  Andrew Moorman’s film bristles with the broad strokes of a master in the making.

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