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The Shameful Truth: ObamaNation (or Abomination)


Moderacy kills ideology.

"We have to make America the best place in the world to do business." -Dick Cheney (see The Shameful Truth 1.15.11)

"We have to make America the best place on earth to do business." – President Obama

I stopped writing my political diatribe for over a year. I tired of being an antagonist to the president I helped elect. His choices were, I thought, troublesome. Not only was I immediately taken back on his heavy hand in Afghanistan, but also I was miffed by some of his decisions of cabinet members, such as Timothy Geithner as Secretary of Treasury (who came from the Federal Reserve of NY – who we shall discuss), Gary Locke as Secretary of Commerce (who embraced no new taxes for the wealthy since 2001 and proposed cutting funding to crucial social programs such as nursing homes and aid to the developmentally disabled), Jeffrey Immelt as head economic advisor (who also resides as CEO of GE), and the new addition to ObamaNation Chief of Staff, directly from JP Morgan, William M. Daley - as just another detail of the wolf's wardrobe. Aside from Obama's efforts at healthcare reform and the too late and very minimal effort at the financial reform (after the system was re-propped up to exist as it had then got a smack on the hand – not a diligent way to bring in reform), the reflection of the fighting Change I had voted for has become a distant loss.

At first I grieved the loss with denial. Then anger. Then sadness, really as mourning for my country. And now all I have is antipathy. Which is really another form of anger, I suppose, but I feel it is a more informed anger. Anger that has let sadness in, anger that has bled its heart, anger that, from continual new information buttressing its base, has snowballed into thoroughly empowered rage. It's not nearly as bad when one is deceived by the enemy as by the friend. Betrayal runs deep when hope is shredded by an ally. It can, in fact, be devastating.

It is my belief that the country is now torn into three sections. The raving right and tea baggers who are trying to return to the crystal translation of the constitutional code, except, of course where matters of women's rights, anti-abortion, and healthcare abide. Never you mind, there's plenty of room for hypocrisy when a Nation's leader practices so fluently. Which brings me to the second section of the country, the angry and disillusioned left that have finally come to peace with the fact that their hope and change is only an ObamaNation. An abomination of under the table deals, more war, and allowing our country to be taken over by the business and banking interests that is NOT in the peoples' interest. Then there is the third section of the country, somewhere in the middle, those still in denial. They want so hard to believe in the Change that we Hoped for, that they still believe the man behind the smile, the rogue warrior who looked like a black sheep, who spoke of our country as if the people owned it and that He, the leader, this sheep, would be beholden to its people. 


He is a wolf. 

And Egypt is rising up.

And the banks are back in power.

His diplomacy techniques do not seem to be working. Can we all, at least, agree on that?

The reason it takes a while to face the truth of this ObamaNation is that once one faces it, one must change one's behavior. So, what is there to do, now that hope and change have betrayed us? First we have to look at our own culpability. One – why did we not stand in protest when Geithner, Mr. Banking Big Brother and Head of the Fed in NY– who co-opted our Nation's financial security for The Bank's financial gain- was chosen by our chosen? We had a say. We could have taken to the streets like Europeans, discontent over the laws and practices of our government, cost of education, job losses, or rates of loans. Why did we somehow think that the ex-head of the Fed of NY would be a wise and balanced choice for the Secretary of Treasury? The Secretary of Treasury is the man most responsible for Financial Security in our country. So why would the president appoint the same man to this job who was one of the most responsible men for the near Financial ruin of this country?

At the time of this appointment, not many seemed as upset as I, and, so, I thought, okay...let's see. Is there a strategy here? But as choices in ObamaNation continued to spiral into the Big Business and Banking continuum, it was clear that maybe I was not overreacting in my initial discontent.

My breaking point, inciting me to write this article, was when I read the quote from Obama's State of the Union. It so happens in last month's column I had just quoted Cheney with almost precisely these words...

"We have to make America the best place on earth to do business." (though Cheney said world instead of earth)

There have been few follow-throughs to Obama's prose. We know, however, that he means this one. He means business.

More than education.

More than peace.

More than making this a nation of equal opportunity for its citizens.

More than supporting humanitarian regimes as opposed to dictators.

More than stopping genocide.

Obama means business.

And proof is in the appointments.

As for Obama's most recent diplomacy with the devil and his choice of GE's CEO as top economic advisor, let us just note that the largest portion of GE's political contributions in 2010 was Rob Portman from Ohio, a Republican Senate candidate.

Something has gone gravely amiss. I'm ready to campaign for Nader. Kucinich. Bill Cosby. Or my husband. Somebody who will fight for peace, education, the rights of We the People over the banks' bailouts, deregulation, and corporate welfare.

I thought we elected a fighter. A man of character and moral righteousness. A man of and for the people. I thought we elected a man that identified with the struggle of the working class. 

I grant to him that he has fought the healthcare battle - though, as per his middle of the road stance, I think he was not brazen enough. Like everything, his own appeasement got in the way.

Moderacy kills ideology. 

Moderacy kills ideology, and, no matter what this president echoed in his words or maybe even believed coming into the White House, a moderate Conservative has taken hold of his actions. 

And that's the shameful truth.

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