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Freewood - Talanzias


Review of the Freewood debit album.

Talanzias comes off as some Latin folk groove, like you'd hear sitting on a beach in sunny Tijuana. Relaxing and serene, while tenderly grabbing your soul and sucking you into the vortex. It's like if Bob Marley were still alive, and his message of peace and equality had actually taken hold on this world, and then he had time to jam out with Ben Harper or had decided to do a coffee shop tour with Bob Dylan. But since none of that is reality,  Talanzias fills the void.

This is Freewood's debut album, the solo effort of The Laughing Man's Micah Lashbrook. Naturally, his unique, perfectly quivering yet solid vocals are just as prominent on this album, though the overall sound is a little more subdued.

This sensation was precisely why I thought it would be a perfect album to play to romance the ladies.  It's not Lovage, but there's some kind of pure vibe to this album, this organic passion that I was sure would trigger the Mood. And by Christ, it worked! The women LOVE when I play this album, their pants fall right off by the time the Ben Harper-esue "Thought I Was a Gun" kicks in, which perfectly lays the rhythm for getting down with that nasty wild thing.
Even Lashbrook's crooning for the late Layne Staley doesn't hold them back! Unfortunately, it's become some weird drug, in that I can't bring women back over and get laid WITHOUT playing Talanzias.

Then I take a closer look at the album cover...and there it is: a colorful penis and ballsack, for the whole world to see.

I should have seen this coming, but I guess I was gassed. Even so, if exposing this man's penis to my dates will get me laid...so be it. You simply don't hear great music like this every day, and when you do, you better latch onto it and ride.


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