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The Guys You'll Meet on Earth, But Not in Heaven: The Lean, Mean--But Rarely Clean Charlie Sheen


Yes, Charlie Sheen is more than just a little bit Dangerous!

It was 1989. My wife and I were living in Virginia Beach, just down the road from Oceana Naval Air Station. My beautiful wife (a runner-up in the Miss Virginia Pageant) saw a news article about Charlie Sheen coming to town to film Navy Seals. She found out that they would be filming on the lake that our house was on and that they would need several "attractive extras."

So, a few days later she shows up at the filming location to audition for a spot. They immediately like her and tell her to wait in a place where the cast will soon enter. The male-dominated cast was so preoccupied with their roles that no one even noticed her as they walked by. No one- that is- except for Charlie Sheen.

Suddenly, the young star of Wall Street had maneuvered himself directly in front of her and with a seductive smile exclaimed---"Hey there!"

He moved closer and gazed at her figure and beautiful Asian features. While making small talk he stuck out his right arm and placed it on her hand so she could see his Japanese Samurai tattoo.

"What do you think of that," he said.

My wife moved her hand away from his arm but he placed it back on the tattoo. Flustered, she told him,  "I…I need to go and pick up my kids from school," while moving her hand away again and flashing her wedding ring. Charlie Sheen just smiled and slowly left to join the cast.

A little later my wife was getting ready to leave when the film's food manager slash procurer made a bee-line for her and whispered in her ear---"Charlie Sheen would like you to join him for lunch." Luckily, my wife decided to pick up our kids instead. Later that night we both read up about Charlie Sheen and were more than a little surprised to find out that he was about to be engaged to Kelly Preston.

OK, let's turn the clock forward about 21 years. It's 2011, and Charlie Sheen's behaviors have become so erratic and bizarre that he recently broke the record for attracting Twitter followers by amassing more than a million in 24 hours. Clearly, what my wife experienced that day in Virginia Beach was a typical day for Charlie Sheen. Apparently, what goes around has come around again and again.

So, what's up with this guy?

Let's see---3 broken marriages, more girlfriends and affairs than we can count, 50 thousand dollars spent on 27 call girls from the Heidi Fleiss Agency, and more recently he has been participating in a "ménage a trois" with porn stars. Is this the main problem? Is he addicted to love-- or rather, to sex? Well, let's check out the lyrics of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" to see if Charlie Sheen is a member of that club.

"You can't sleep, you can't eat, there's no doubt, you're in deep. Your throat is tight, you can't breathe, another kiss is all you need."

Now that makes no sense for Charlie Sheen. All he needs is not love or another kiss. No, what he has needed for the past 30 years is not another kiss but another drink, another pill or another line of cocaine. Charlie Sheen suffers from a disease called chemical dependency. Back in 1994 he described his problem quite well, "I couldn't leave the house until I smoked 3 joints, took tranquilizers and drank a bottle of bourbon." A classic tale of self-medicating until the addiction takes hold.

In order to appreciate the seriousness of his illness here are the 8 factors that have put him at risk to himself and others.

1. A Positive Family History---his father, Martin Sheen suffers from alcoholism, meaning Charlie Sheen has a genetic vulnerability for the illness and he was exposed to the illness during his Wonder Bread years.

2. A History of Early Usage---Charlie Sheen started using as a teenager and was arrested at 16 for possession. He was later expelled from Santa Monica High School.

3. Exposure to a Variety of Substances---Charlie Sheen has stated-- "The only thing I didn't do is heroin."

4. A History of Failed Treatments---he has had several failed treatments in chemical dependency rehabilitation centers. Once he left a facility after one day only to be immediately arrested by police for driving under the influence.

5. A Lack of Insight---there are 2 parts to having insight. First, you realize that you have a problem and secondly, you realize that you need to get help. Charlie Sheen has stated—" I'm not worried about relapse." He has also pointed out—"How can anyone turn down a bottle of a 1982 Petrus?" After one period of sobriety of 366 days he celebrated by—taking a drink! As for seeking treatment he has called the core 12 Step AA treatment for chemical dependency—"Ridiculous!"    This serious lack of insight translates into Denial. Addicts who are in denial do not make the changes they need to make. And so, Charlie Sheen, in denial likely hangs around with the same using buddies, likely has not deleted dealer's telephone numbers from his cell and definitely continues to frequent the same parties. He actually sums it up rather well---"I'm on a drug and it's Charlie Sheen!"

6. Evidence of Tolerance---this key element of addiction means you need more alcohol and drugs over time to get the same high. When this occurs—eventually, the shit hits the fan. It looks like Charlie Sheen has hit the tolerance level. This is evidenced by his quote describing his cocaine use—"I was banging 7 gram rocks."

7. Physical Deterioration---we don't have his liver lab tests but from the dark circles around his eyes and his obvious loss of weight the alcohol and drugs are clearly exacting a toll.

8. The Psychological Symptoms of chemical dependency---these include Withdrawal Anxiety, Paranoid Thinking and Reduced Behavioral Controls. These are the symptoms that get a celebrity into the news. This is what interests the millions of Twitter followers. And, this is what gets you—First--Arrested, Second-- Fired, and eventually, Third--- Dead! Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen is nearing a Trifecta!

Let's take a closer look at these especially dangerous symptoms. Withdrawal anxiety means every time he stops using, the anxiety increases, making him use again. This stage requires treatment. Over months and years of drinking and drugging these substances affect the brain and cause chemical changes.

These changes cause paranoid thinking which is a mixture of persecutory, grandiose, jealous and erotic thoughts. Charlie Sheen probably has experienced all of these.

A. Persecution—ie: People are conspiring against me. He has made anti-semitic remarks about his employer and he has accused George Bush of directing the 9/11  demolition of the World Trade Center.

B. Grandiosity—ie: Something is very special about me. Take a look at some of Charlie Sheen's quotes.
"I have one gear—Go!"
"I have Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA."
"I am too smart to go down."
"My life is perfect now."
"The anger you see is my Passion."
"I have poetry in my fingertips."
"I'm not bipolar, I'm bi-winning!"—and most recently,
"I blinked and I cured my brain."

C. Jealousy—ie: She's cheating on me. Charlie Sheen's wives and some girlfriends have complained of his verbal and physical abuse which may be related to this.

D. Erotomania—ie: She wants me bad. Oops, I think this was going on that day in Virginia Beach with my wife!

So, if we put all of these emotions together and add to the mix a decrease in normal inhibitions and behavioral controls, then you are looking at serious trouble. We can also factor in-- cocaine speeding  up the illogical thoughts and alcohol creating blackouts for the out of control behaviors. Here are just some of the things that this mix has likely caused for Charlie Sheen.

1. He shot his fiancé, Kelly Preston in the arm.
2. Police removed him from the Plaza Hotel after he caused $7,000 of damage under the influence.
3. He OD'd on self- injected cocaine requiring hospitalization.
4. Ex-wife Denise Richards accused him of abuse and violent threats.
5. He was arrested in 2009 for menacing, assault and criminal mischief.
6. Ex-girlfriend Brittany Ashland filed abuse charges against him and he pleaded "no contest."
7. His 3rd wife, Brooke Mueller, claims he threatened to kill her, decapitate her and send her head to her mother.

Yes, Charlie Sheen is more than just a little bit Dangerous!          

And so, when on Earth----Avoid him!

And, when in Heaven------Nothing to worry about!

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