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Check Out Frank Moore's New Book!

Hot off the press - the new full-color Art Of A Shaman!

 After ten years of work, yesterday we put out a glossy covered 98 page paperback edition of my Art of a Shaman, as well as  a downloadable version.  Both are available from Lulu.com.  [Order info is below!] We are blown out at how absolutely glorious and beautiful the actual book, designed by Mikee, is!  It is full of amazing performance photos and my paintings in full lush warm juicy colors.  It captures the feeling of being at the performances!  All in the size of a graphic novel.  BUT DON'T BUY IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL GOOD AND GET TURNED ON! 


Art of a Shaman was originally a lecture I presented at N.Y.U. for a week long conference about performance as subversion in 1990.  So to subvert the conference, I had nude Michael sing all of it, while Linda blindfolded people and led them into the tent to explore my nude body. 


In the book I explore performance and art in general terms of them being a magical way to effect change in the world. I look at performance as an art of melting action, ritualistic shamanistic doings/playings. By using my career and life as a "baseline," I try to explore the dynamic playing within the context of reality shaping. I bring in concepts from modern physics, mythology and psychology.


Get an AUTOGRAPHED paperback copy directly from us for $29.00 (SHIPPING INCLUDED). Please email me how many copies you would like to purchase. This offer is for a limited time. 
You can pay by Paypal using this link:
You can pay by check made out to Inter-Relations and mailed to:
PO Box 11445
Berkeley, CA 94712

Buy the paperback directly from Lulu.com (NOT AUTOGRAPHED!) for $29.00 (PLUS SHIPPING):



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