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Billy Howerdel Talks Record Stores


A Perfect Circle and Ashes Divide's founder talks about the joy of independent record stores.

Billy Howerdel- founder and guitarist of A Perfect Circle, and frontman of Ashes Divide- is no stranger to the powerful impact of independent record stores. He didn't form a multi-platinum supergroup without an early lust for music, spawned from discoveries at a local record store.

"I remember my first record I bought," he recently told Kotori Magazine, "The Cars' first record on vinyl. I cherished that thing; I took care of it, I cleaned it every time I used it. It was a big deal."

Noting the difference between swiping music for free and actually paying for music, he adds, "It shows more of a commitment, throwing down $10 or $15 for a record. It's like anything else in life: if you work hard for it, and are paying for it, you're going to appreciate it and possibly like it more."

Looking back on his days as a kid, he points out that it was a record store where he'd find music otherwise unattainable. "There's a place called The Sound Exchange in New Jersey, that was truly my window into another culture. They had everything, it was so cool. They had every import from the UK, whether it was The Cure import, or Elvis Costello, Killing Joke.

"All this interesting music, for being the 80's, was difficult to find in a mainstream outlet. It's nice having that kind of outlet for things, that you have to work hard to find."

Even in this modern digital age, the world-famous music icon still tries to find time to hit up his local record store. "We have a music store here in LA called Amoeba Records, I'll go in there when I can. It's always a nice experiment, taking my son in there, and showing him basically what he'll see in a museum by the time he's a teenager, museum of a music store."

With any luck, that's a long time off. Until then, go to your local record store, especially on April 16 for RECORD STORE DAY!


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