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The Guys You'll Meet on Earth But Not in Heaven: The Glenn Beck Train Wreck


Exactly who the heck is Glenn Beck?

When I grew up just about everyone on TV was a nice guy. Whether they were alcoholics, drug addicts or just plain evil they always left you feeling better for having seen them. No matter how much trouble the Beaver and Wally got into, Ward Cleaver gave us hope that our problems could be solved. No matter how much Dean Martin drank during his show he still left us smiling -----and even when our idyllic president was assassinated, Walter Cronkite assured us, "That's the way it was today," but tomorrow would be better.

Unfortunately, things have changed.  

Watching Glenn Beck at his chalkboard drawing lines to connect the "evil people of the world," such as Barack Obama, Al Gore and any "Progressive," leaves us feeling angry, bewildered and reaching for the remote. Not only are these people bad, he says, but they are all conspiring together to do us in.

On every show, in every NY Times bestseller and in every radio rant, Glenn Beck tries to scare us, so he and only he can save us. Whether he is assuring us that "President Obama hates white people" or that a group called "Crime Incorporated" is working behind the scenes to end democracy, his message is always the same:

"The corrupt Them is thwarting the virtuous Us."

From his studio known as the Fear Chamber and the Doom Room, his inflammatory rhetoric is tempered only by his self-proclaimed mission to expose this "cancer in America" by becoming our 21st century "Nazi Hunter."

So, exactly who the heck is Glenn Beck?   

OMG!-----another diagnostic life story begins at age 15 when, reportedly, his mother committed suicide by drowning. Later on, Glenn Beck's stepbrother also chose death by suicide. And how did Glenn Beck cope with these losses? Therapy? Not exactly. 

Glenn Beck admits to choosing Dr. Jack Daniels to ease the pain and says he self-medicated his grief every day for the next 15 years. At the age of 30, Beck says he seriously considered shooting himself while listening to Kurt Cobain.

But, no---instead of ending it he turned to the Church of Latter-Day Saints, got baptized and then joined Alcoholics Anonymous to find his way. He also decided to get educated by going to college but took only one course before giving up. 

Some years later he got divorced and ended up living in New Canaan, Connecticut where Stepford Wives was filmed. He could afford a house there because his radio show was now on 280 stations and his own show on Fox News was scaring millions. His presence on Fox TV has forever proven that Fox pedals hate and prejudice but not news!

So what does all of this mean? 

He stopped drinking---right?

Isn't that good?

Well, some people stop drinking but they still act like they're drunk. They remain mean, nasty, unpredictable, disinhibited and generally disgusting to be with even though their breathalyzer registers a zero. This happens because they never fully heal from the loss of their favorite liquid friend. When we lose our best friend- human or liquid- in order to heal we must go through the stages of denial, anger, sadness and ambivalence before we can accept the loss and move on. 

Like other dry drunks, Glenn Beck got stuck in the anger phase of healing from the loss of his best friend- Dr. Jack Daniels- and never really healed. Because of that, he is so out of control that his own AA sponsors have left him, one after another, because he drives them to drink. In fact, some AA members who attended meetings with Glenn Beck have been quoted as saying that "they needed to get hammered before they could go to a meeting that the angry, whining Glenn Beck attended."

And so, Glenn Beck like other dry drunks has established an alcohol recovery not by practicing the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, but by following the principles of another famous group—Assholes Anonymous!



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