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Christina Rosenvinge's "La Joven Dolores"


Album review

La Joven Dolores
Christina Rosenvinge
[Soster Records]


Though relatively unknown to most American audiences, Christina Rosenvinge has been rocking the Spanish music scene for over 20 years. The singer-songwriter, who hails from Madrid, has been enjoying popularity thanks to her blend of pop rock melodies and folk-like lyrics.

Yet, some Latin and Spanish audiences do not understand how this singer (who already reached the height of her career in the ‘80s with several bands) can return to the top of the charts in 2011 as a solo artist. Her new album, La Joven Dolores, confirms that Rosenvinge, who defies all labels, is here to stay.

Many critics assumed that her pop past would make her into one of those old, has-been stars that take advantage of the current ‘retro' trend to try to enjoy a new fame based on "The good ole' days." Rosenvinge, however, has proved them all wrong thanks to her new album that is brimming with creativity.

Her musical career demonstrates that she is one those artists who can evolve over time, and above all, that she does not create songs because of bills and payroll; rather, her songs are inspired by people, moments and feelings.

La Joven Dolores (which means the young Dolores in Spanish) is a reflective album that comments on the image of women through the use of mythology. Rosenvinge, who sings exclusively in Spanish, infuses her lyrics with poetic symbolisms.  

"Eva Enamorada," for example, explains how the first woman who populated the earth is confronted by the gods because of her love for Adam. Another song "Canción del Eco," is Rosenvinge's personal view about the nymph Eco who dies as a result of her love for the beautiful Narcissus. These and other lyrics fuse ancient and contemporary stories with harmonic chords and serenity. 

La Joven Dolores is a mature album in which Rosenvinge whispers sweet, sensitive melodies that may also disturb you. There's no denying that she has a dark side, but at the same time there is a certain magic which has been present for much of her career and it continues to shine in her latest album.

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