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Mumford & Sons's "Sigh No More"


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Sigh No More
Mumford &  Sons

The debut album from English folk/rock band, MUMFORD & SONS was released in the US over a year ago, however it's still much talked about and topping the charts. For those just discovering this all-male band lead by Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, guitar, drums and mandolin), prepare yourself to be emotionally moved. 

The first track on the freshman album, Sigh No More, titled "After The Storm" feels almost eerily like a prayer or a eulogy. Despite the clear intimacy of the track and the desperation, there is hope in Mumford's raw vocals.

Other multi-instrumental band members include Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboard, accordion, and drums), Winston Marshall (vocals, banjo and dobro) and Ted Dwane (vocals, string bass, drums and guitar). The musical talent of this band is undeniable and truly refreshing to hear on mainstream radio, which is dominated by auto-tune and artists who can barely hit their vocals live (much less play more than one instrument). 

"Awake My Soul," the second track from the 2010 Best New Artist Grammy nominees, shows off what the band does best with honest song writing, beautiful vocals and simple instrumentals that don't rob the song of its sobering plea.

Perhaps the most comforting track, "Timshel" again promised untainted and gorgeous vocals and flows almost like a lullaby for adults. The clear brotherly bond amongst the 20-something members shines through with the repeated promise that "You are not alone in this/As brothers we will stand /And we will hold your hand."

The instrumental versatility and talents of the band is recognized by US audiences thanks to radio hits like "Little Lion Man" and "The Cave." Audiences eagerly await their sophomore release which is sure to provide a fresh of breath air from a virtual sea of mundane artists.

The band is currently touring nationwide and internationally. For dates and more information visit www.mumfordandsons.com.

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